lululemon Robson and Burrard Flagship

By Crystal Kwon | 7:26 am PST, Tue March 19, 2013 | Speak Up

The corner of Robson and Burrard will soon see another new retail flagship location open up as our source has indicated that a deal has been struck between the landlord and lululemon.

The new lululemon flaghsip store will take over an existing coffee shop and the adjacent retail spots including New Balance. It will be located directly across the soon to be openedĀ Victoria’s Secret on Robson and Burrard.

The existing lululemon Robson Street location will be closed, thus further deteriorating the retail landscape on the block between Thurlow and Bute.


Speak Up

  • Bob
  • David

    Sad to see a great coffee shop go from that corner but there’s like a billion more so I’ll still get my fix!

  • xnexus

    Ugh. Any news on if New Balance is closing or just moving to a new location?

  • AJ Smyth

    Robson street is disgusting

  • Solid opaque

    This will change the area. More casual wear on Robson! But no peeking see through stuff!

  • jason

    New Balance is moving to another location Robson. Thank god! I love New Balance!!

  • the bos

    You probably prefer pigeon park. shouldn’t you be protesting legal businesses?