lululemon embraces the see through pants

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Last week it was revealed that lululemon had an issue with see through pants. Now it seems that they are trying to embrace the issue with a cheeky storefront display. Vintage lululemon marketing.

Image via @CTVBC

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  • spinnicer

    This really seems like a manufactured crisis lol

  • KevanKevan

    @spinnicer:disqus – agreed. Crisis? This brings even more attention to a brand known more about it’s booty boosting features than yoga – marketing #win for @lululemon

  • Khaled Elabd

    smart PR move

  • ShredBetty

    Would you say this is “making Lululemonade from Lululemons”?

  • Ryan Ouwehand

    No one can make fun of you, better than you. Great brand move!