Desserts in Vancouver: The Whole Foods Market experience

Desserts Vancouver

How about going out for dessert at… the grocery store? When the selection is wide, the goods are made on site in a gourmet kitchen, or by local businesses and only the best ingredients are used, it has to be one of the best places to indulge even if it is next to the checkout. The Whole Foods Market experience combines all that to create a flexible, economical and different adventure.


Desserts in Vancouver

That’s right: one of the best desserts I have ever had was served in a grocery store. Just thinking of the Dark Chocolate and Raspberry Tart, my mouth waters and my knees weaken (I heard Whole Foods took it from Capers when taking over). The filling inside has the inviting color and distinctive taste that raspberry lovers crave. The crust is dense like a cookie, not too sweet to balance out the delicious melted dark chocolate. It’s a divine mix of solid shell and soft filling. A white chocolate swirl on top is a fun addition to this already perfect tart.

Desserts in Vancouver

The beauty of going out to the grocery store is that the options are endless. Don’t feel like eating a tiramisu or a pastry? Then you can go for a pecan cinnamon bun, a cookie or even a fruit salad! You can also order a coffee, smoothie or gelato to accompany your feast. The food layout is dangerously eye-catching and appetizing. It makes you smile with excitement while considering what to sink your sweet tooth into. Bakers have such a great job with the opportunity to provoke instant joy for people.

Desserts in Vancouver

When I force myself into ordering something other than the oh-so-delicious raspberry tart, I enjoy their Nanaimo bar. A nice coconut flavour comes through the chocolate and vanilla layers of goodness. The nut chunks in the wafer add a pleasing crunch to this creamy and rich dessert. Nanaimo people sure know how to make blissful sweets.

Desserts in Vancouver

Desserts in Vancouver

If you are in a hurry, you can pick up one of the treats made with love by local businesses. Amongst the offering are baked goods from Butter, hand-crafted chocolates from Chocolat Arts and cookies and short bread from Kreation. There are also special deliveries from North Vancouver: Sweet Art Bakery and Artisan Bake Shoppe. This is the harmonious solution when catering to many people since there is something for every taste and allergy!

Desserts in Vancouver

The seating area at Whole Foods is reasonably welcoming (especially on Cambie) but for something more scenic why not pick up the perfect array of sweets and go to the nearest park or waterfront site for a little impromptu picnic. The seawall is also a very good option as it provides you with amazing views and an opportunity to work your excess off.

Desserts in Vancouver


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