Canada's Best Cities to Live in 2013


When it comes to best cities in the world, Vancouver is accustomed to ranking somewhere in the top 5. So it may perplex Vancouverites as to why it ranked so low in the annual MoneySense top cities list. However, when you look at what the rankings are based on, incomes and employment, it is clear why Vancouver didn’t do as well. After all, we are the most expensive city to live in North America and not just because of high housing costs, but lower wages and above average daily expenses.

Canada’s Best Cities to Live in 2013

    1. Calgary
    2. Ottawa
    3. Edmonton
    4. London
    5. Winnipeg
    6. Halifax
    7. Toronto
    8. Mississauga
    9. Québec
    10. Vancouver

Some Vancouver statistics:

Bike to work %: 3.62
Walk to work %:  12.81
Transit to work %:  24.84
Rainy days/year: 166.4
Days above 0°C/year:  328.5
Pop. change ’11 to ’12: 10.39%
Jobless %: 6
Average house price: $ 882,000
Years to buy a home: 10.88
Average household income: $ 81,066
Average household net worth: $ 685,566
Crime rate per 100K: 7,278
Property tax rate: 1.86
Doctors per 1,000: 2.43
% employed in arts & rec: 4.30
New cars: 17.33%
Hospitals ✔
Colleges ✔
Universities ✔
Movie theatres ✔

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