BC Elementary School rankings 2013 via Fraser Institute

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The annual Fraser Institute report card is out, and once again, private and independent institutions north of the Fraser dominated the ranking. Of the top ten elementary schools, six were in the City of Vancouver. This is mainly due to the fact that quality of education is usually tied to property prices since the high income earners stuff the coffers more than the average taxpayer.

The Institute’s rankings are based on the results of the provincial Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA) testing of kids in Grades 4 to 7 in reading, writing, and numeracy.

BC Elementary School rankings 2013

Top 10 Elementary Schools in BC
1. Crofton House, Vancouver
2. Southridge, Surrey
3. St. George’s, Vancouver
4. St. Michaels, Victoria
5. Vancouver College, Vancouver
6. West Point Grey, Vancouver
7. York House, Vancouver
8. Corpus Christi, Vancouver
9. Mulgrave, West Vancouver
10. West Bay, West Vancouver

Top 5 Elementary Schools in Vancouver
1. Crofton House
2. St. George’s
3. Vancouver College
4. West Point Grey
5. York House

Top 5 Elementary Schools in Burnaby
1. Our Lady of Mercy
2. Holy Cross
3. John Knox Christian
4. St. Michael’s
5. St. Francis de Sales

Top 5 Elementary Schools in Surrey
1. Southridge
2. Star of The Sea
3. Iqra Islamic
4. Our Lady Of Good Counsel
5. Khalsa

Top 5 Elementary Schools in Richmond
1. Richmond Christian
2. St. Paul’s
3. St. Joseph The Worker
4. Spul’u’kwuks
5. Archibald Blair

Top 5 Elementary Schools in Coquitlam
1. Queen Of All Saints
2. Our Lady of Fatima
3. R C MacDonald
4. Panorama Heights
5. Pinetree Way

Top 5 Elementary Schools in Delta
1. Southpointe
2. Immaculate Conception
3. Sacred Heart
4. Neilson Delta
5. Beach Grove

Top 5 Elementary Schools in North Vancouver
1. Holy Trinity
2. Carisbrooke
3. St. Pius X
4. Highlands
5. Lions Gate Christian

Top 5 Elementary Schools in West Vancouver
1. Mulgrave
2. West Bay
3. Pauline Johnson
4. Collingwood
5. St. Anthony’s

Top 5 Elementary Schools in Langley
1. Credo Christian
2. Alex Hope
3. St. Catherines
4. Langley Christian
5. Topham

Top 5 Elementary Schools in Victoria
1. St. Michaels
2. Glenlyon Norfolk
3. St. Andrew’s
4. Christ Church Cathedral
5. Campus View

Top 5 Elementary Schools in Abbotsford
1. Auguston Traditional
2. Dasmesh Punjabi
3. King Traditional
4. Bradner
5. Abbotsford Christian

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