$22,000 Rogers Cellphone bill

High rogers cell phone bill

We all know that Canadian cellphone companies have high domestic rates, but when it comes to international the rates are through the roof. A Burnaby dad found out the hard way after his 11-year-old son racked up a $22,000 Fido (owned by Rogers) bill during a family trip to Mexico. Now, Matt Buie is accusing Rogers/Fido of price gouging.

After hearing the news of the outrageous phone bill, the son rolled up into the fetal position and began to cry. Who wouldn’t?

The Rogers  pay-per-use charge is $30 to stream one minute (one MB) of YouTube video. Six times more than its competitor Telus, which charges $5. Bell has a rate of $8 to stream on MB.

Rogers has since reduced the bill to $500. Which begs the question, why do they have these outrageous roaming rates in the first place?

If you ever have a high cellphone bill, it doesn’t hurt to bring it up for dispute. More often than not they will reduce the bill or give you a credit.



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