UBC Harlem Shake

UBC Harlem Shake

Nearly two years ago, UBC students produced the most epic of university lip dub videos. Fast forward to 2013, students at UBC have once again outdone themselves with the latest viral phenomenon – “The Harlem Shake.”

The Harlem Shake has elapsed Gangnam Style as the latest YouTube meme to explode into virality. The videos are approximately 1-minute long, featuring people from all walks of life doing the most abnormal things to a snip of Baauer’s song, “Harlem Shake.” As of this weekend, more than 25,000 videos have been posted on YouTube since the start of the month and have drawn a total of over 120-million views. The phenomenon all began with comedian Filthy Frank’s original video on January 30th.

The UBC Harlem Shake video is just one of a quickly growing number of Vancouver-made Harlem Shake videos. However, to date, its sheer scale has been unmatched. For its enormous participant size, it is certainly among the most impressive of “Harlem Shake” videos on YouTube. It has also garnered 50,000+ views within its first 24-hours on the internet.

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VIDEO: Harlem Shake – University of British Columbia


Written by Kenneth Chan, a Columnist at Vancity Buzz. Follow Kenneth on Twitter: @kjmagine

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