Trump Tower Vancouver reveal has Twitter going nuts

Trump Tower Vancouver

Donald Trump doesn’t have the greatest name these days. After his vitriolic tweets during the recent U.S. presidential election he lost the respect of many people. So when it was revealed that Trump Tower is coming to Vancouver, it sent twitter abuzz. So we compiled some of your reactions for this story.








As you can see the majority of people are not enthusiastic about the Trump name being attached to one of the truly unique architectural masterpieces in the city. The comments on our Facebook page are definitely worth a read as well.

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  • YTOmike

    Aside from the height and/or Donald Trump’s reputation, we should be concerned about this project because of all that went wrong with the Toronto project.

    The Toronto project has been accused of questionable/illegal marketing tactics and taking advantage of unsophisticated real estate buyers (see There have also been dangerous indicators of poor construction procedures (see

    We need to ensure the same mistakes aren’t repeated in Vancouver. Public awareness is key.

  • Mainlander

    “taking advantage of unsophisticated real estate buyers”? Seems this is nothing new in Vancouver. 

  • Tomas Williams

    To my knowledge this tower will just use the name, just like many hotels that are built, owned and operated by other companies and pay fees to use a name. 

    The misshapenings of another project with the same name are not necessarily an indication of the BRAND but of the developer behind it – totally different. 
    I think we need to wait and see what happens before everyone gets up in anger. 

  • Evelina Mannarino

    I love the Trump Organization and I’m very excited about this!!!

  • Queenof-toomuch

    And where pray tell is the “Tumpster” building this tower!!??
    Hope it’s not anywhere near me!! Dislike this man and his “Tactics”!!!

    After what happened in Scotland = He totally *DISGUSTS” me!!


  • Adam Nowek

    That’s a lot of hate. Did he spit in your mouth?

  • Joe

    Libs lost respect. Trump was the only one who had the balls to speak up. He’s a smart man.