PNE to close on Mondays in 2013


Well it was only a matter of time before something had to give and yesterday it was confirmed that Vancouver’s annual summer fair, The PNE will cut the cost of admission, parking and close down for two days due to declining attendance. In the last two years attendance has declined nearly 24%. 

The cost of adult admission will decrease from $20 to $16 and children under 13 will be admitted for free. On site parking will also be slashed from $20 to $16. However, you can always park in residential neighbourhood, just don’t park (or pah) when you see this sign.

The Fair at PNE will close on Monday August 19 and also on Monday August 26, 2013.

Decreasing the cost of admission is just a start, the problem with the PNE is that it is slowly losing its lustre as a summertime tradition in Metro Vancouver. While the population has grown, the PNE has remained roughly the same size. The PNE needs to be larger and add more variety of rides. This something we lamented when we stated that Vancouver deserves a bigger and better PNE.

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  • Karny Rosser

    same fucking rides every year fucking pne

  • Harmony Healer

    KARNEY, PNE is meant for the tourists coming to Vancouver, and with new people comming and going PNE does not have to change much as the customer base is evolving. It is sorta like going on the stanley park tourist pack. They have it going all the time, but no one slams it as we all know its for tourists. So why the PNE it is a touristy thing, and just because you are a local getting tired of the same old same old, it does not mean that tourists can’t enjoy it here.

  • Kerry Sauriol

    Ok..the RIDES are Playland. The PNE is SUPPOSED to be the Pacific National Exhibition however over the last 20 years the concept has been lost. WHERE is the exhibition any more? Now we have halls filled with people selling SHAMWOW and other tat and that is it. PNE needs to think about the concept that it was built on. Why doesn’t the exhibition showcase different aspects of the BC industry every year? Have some sort of theme. It can’t rely on hooker shows and c list musical acts. The organization needs a do over to start attracting families again to see something other than the food.

  • MisterChew

    Closed only on Monday’s? They should close it entirely.