Luxury Vancouver: Sub Penthouse at Three Harbour Green


The epitome of new luxury grand residences: 3,480 sq. ft. 270 degrees plus views with maximum easterly exposure, 10 foot ceiling height, 290 sq. ft. terrace with outdoor fireplace, ‘Rosso’ Pininfarina kitchen, 3 ensuites & family room, 3 car enclosed private garage. Three Harbour Green, a visually stunning sculptural form, bedecked in glass and granite; striking the highest note in prestigious waterfront community of Coal Harbour.


Three Harbour Green

Three Harbour Green

Three Harbour Green

Living Area

Three Harbour Green

Three Harbour Green

Three Harbour Green

Three Harbour Green


3 harbour green

Three Harbour Green

Three Harbour Green



Views Three Harbour Green

Three Harbour Green Views

3 Harbour Green

Sub Penthouse stats:

  • Three Harbour Green, Coal Harbour
  • 3,480 Square Feet
  • 2 Bed + 2.5 Bath + Den + Flex
  • $7,990,000
  • Built in 2012
  • Amazing views

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  • Jonathan Suzuki

    8 million for 2 bedrooms?  LOL

  • mikoleknowsbest

    Yikes…GET A STAGING COMPANY…those furnishings are horrible. Are they marketing to 75 yr old Vancouver Island retirees?

  • Wolfganganzen

    SOLD. Will you take VISA?

  • Sushma

     Crazy, doesn’t make sense, no dollar value……

  • JohnLaidlaw

    It’s really not that nice, the kitchen doesn’t have much counter space, the cupboards in the bathroom are hideous..and why are there no pictures of the bedrooms??

  • skyoneder

     lol I know right?

    Sometimes it takes a year of no good offers on the place for owners/real estate people to up the ante and hire a pro interior decorator.

  • GregLui

    The modern commercial kitchen look does not go with the traditional furnitures. Do these designers know the stainless steel counter top will instantly scratch when you place anything on it. 

  • Alex Hill

    Great value! Is this a MAC property? 

  • @PvT

    True dat! Furnishings definitely clash with the rest of the look, UGLY. I’ve been in that suite when it was empty and had no furniture, looked way way nicer!

  • john

    Looks like a cross between a dentist’s office and my grandmother’s house

  • Lrothney

    Nobody in their right mind should buy this.  It looks like a hotel room.  No sense of style and it does not look very homey.  Real estate in Vancouver is out of sight for anyone who lives here.  Why are developers allowed to build in Vancouver and displace people that have lived here all their lives?  I would not give you 2 cents for this slick yuppie condo.  We need affordable housing and developers need to go back to where they came from or design green buildings for Vancouver. 

  • Alec

    Sooooooo poorly staged.  Who are they trying to sell this to?  Donald Trump?

  • Ron Simpson

    The ceilings are 11 feet, not 10 feet.

  • Bp

    Nasty flooring transition, no counter space in kitchen…..who finished this place?

  • Christopher

    watch the HD Video Tour

  • Christopher

    There are many photos available, I think Vancitybuzz only showed some. This is a stunning suite, albeit the homeowner has a flair for antiquities 😉 

  • harbourgreen3

    This is a great sub pent! The furnitures look very nice and the view is incredible! The suite seems amazing!