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imagine1day is an organization focussed on sending all Ethiopian children to school, funded free of foreign aid, by 2030. By ensuring each Ethiopian child receives a quality education, imagine1day – comprised of a growing, worldwide community of people making donations – is investing in the next generation of leaders who will carry Africa into a new age of prosperity.

Over the past three years, imagine1day has taken pride in running one of Ethiopia’s best adventure/philanthropic trips called Imagine Ethiopia.  So far we have taken over 30 people to experience the wonder that the  country has to offer: exploring natural wonders, discovering ancient  history and engaging with the communities and children that make up  Ethiopia’s bright future.
We are currently assembling a dream team of 14 participants to  travel to Ethiopia in October through Imagine Ethiopia. It is a unique travel/adventure/philanthropy opportunity that will raise $100,000 to fund a 3-year primary school project (implemented by imagine1day) in Ethiopia. Each participant will take on a personal  fundraising goal of $7145, and will tap into their passions and talents to create a unique fundraising initiative. We’re excited that applications are already rolling in and would like to spread the word to fill the remaining spots – we’re looking to having our team squared away by March 31st.

If you’re ready to make a donation to imagine1day, go to this page. 100% of your donation funds the project of your choice.

For more information check out imagine1day’s website, or view this promo video.

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