Hump day Hello Kitty fix!

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It’s not everyday you find fruit in the shape of the world’s most beloved kitty.

(image via rocketnews24)

This may have just been a case of an over the top collab of steroids and fruit but I really would eat my daily dose of fruits & vegetables if they came in Kitty form! Wouldn’t you?

Hello Kitty makes everything and anything more enjoyable – like hectic flight check ins, long layovers, and airplane food , all things I’d look forward to in Taipei flying Eva Air Hello Kitty. Check out their tricked out airport below:

And obviously your flight is to Korea to eat at the most official Hello Kitty Cafe!

Can you just imagine all the selfie instagram photos taken in this washroom alone? If kitty walls could talk…

Cafe, airport, what’s next? An amusement park would be pretty awesome. Definitely one bad kitty that won’t quit! Happy Humpday, everyone :)

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