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Yuangheng Holdings is proposing to build an 8-storey mixed-used office, retail, and residential development on top of SkyTrain Canada Line’s King Edward Station entrance building on 4099 Cambie Street in Vancouver.

Not much is currently known about this project. However, the development proposal follows InTransitBC and Translink’s original plans of developing the air space above King Edward Station’s entrance building and the large vacant site adjacent to it.

The simple and merely functional 2009-completed station entrance building design serves this future development purpose, with expectations that future developers will better integrate and improve the architectural aesthetic qualities of the station’s building house. Currently, the station building looks quite incomplete.

This project is just one of several mid-rise developments proposed for the area. It is a part of the City of Vancouver’s vision of densifying the Cambie Corridor in advent of SkyTrain Canada Line’s arrival.

Written and researched by Kenneth Chan, a Columnist at Vancity Buzz. Follow me on Twitter: @kjmagine

Featured photo credit: Yuangheng Holdings


SkyTrain Canada Line’s King Edward Station looking northeast from King Edward. Imagine building towers over this station structure. Photo credit: Dennis Tsang

The entire 4099 Cambie Street development site, looking west from Cambie Street. The King Edward Station house is located on the left side of the photo. Photo credit: Yuangheng Holdings

The vision for densifying the Cambie Corridor, including the precinct around the Canada Line’s King Edward Station. Photo credit: Perkins Will

Cambie Street Density

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  • Badarchitecture

    Enough of these buildings already! We already have hundreds of these tacky designs in this city. Enough is enough. Gag! Ugh!

  • Ron Simpson

    Kenneth, your articles mostly take information, ideas and pics from Vancouver Skyscraper Forum without referencing it. That’s unprofessional and you’re further damaging Vancitybuzz’s already bad journalistic reputation. Karm should fire you for contributing to this website’s lack of journalistic credibility.

  • Seb

    Ron – I frequently read both sites and while this was just mentioned on SSP as well, this was all posted to Yuanheng’s website very recently (I browse all of the local developer’s and architect’s pages).So while it could be that after seeing it on SSP, Kenneth posted the details here – it could also be a coincidence seeing how it is brand new info.Regardless, it’s not like it’s SSP’s or VCB’s exclusive right to the content, hence why they both reference the original source (Yuanheng).

  • skyoneder

    Not the entire Vancouver region will visit a niche forum website, this vancity buzz encompasses a wide range of topics for the Vancouver area, and for that I am grateful!

  • skyoneder

    Don’t see how it is tacky imo, there isn’t enough development for this skyrocketing populated area, well the entire Vancouver city to be honest.
    Almost the entire street of West Broadway has an abundance of tacky buildings that need to be torn down and rebuilt.
    To build condo’s etc around a skytrain station makes perfect sense and in turn help to relieve traffic congestion.