CCTV Map Vancouver

CCTV Vancouver

It’s no secret that we are being watched every waking moment of our lives, and that isn’t going to change anytime soon unless of course we all abandon technology and start living in the woods.Here is a map of surveillance cameras in downtown Vancouver and the DTES. It’s a bit strange but for the most part the West End has avoided the CCTV camera invasion.

CCTV Map Vancouver (click to enlarge)

CCTV Map of Vancouver


Image: Vancouver Public Space

Feature image: By The Blackbird

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  • ♔ Nick Routley

    That is interesting. The cameras stop so abruptly along that West End boundary. Even Davie and Denman are surveillance free.

  • Jbrousseau

    Two things:
    It is not a map of networked CCTV cameras. Many of these are privately owned.How the map was created is highly questionable/biased.
    See the “VPSN SURVEILLANCE MAP” headline at the below link:

  • LTD.Edition

    small businesses generally don’t pay for external cctv systems.   That’s more for office towers and the like.

  • Ath

    I agree with Jbrousseau

    There’s lots of private video surveillance cameras in use for protecting businesses.  It’s not like there’s people monitoring these at all times.  This is far from many other big cities, in fact probably 10 years behind most.

  • Mainlander

    Their site says “The preliminary map that we created, based on the data that we collected…”

  • Breezymap

    They didn’t claim the cameras were public. Point is, the video footage could be shared. If the police wanted certain video files, a warrant could be made to get them. The map has merit.

  • Mikhailgelovani

    The West End proper is completely residential and privately owned rental buildings. Therefore, no need for CCTV. 7-11s and banks and Starbucks and gas stations… now that’s 24/7 CCTV for insurance purposes. Vancouver has, thankfully, yet to enter the NYC / London era of police-operated CCTV. However, all of this CCTV out there can be downloaded and/or requested.

  • CCTV Dallas

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