Bjarke Ingels Vancouver tower one step closer to reality

Bjarke Ingels Tower Vancouver

The 497-foot tower starchitect designed Bjarke Ingles Vancouver tower aka BIG Tower has been given a huge thumbs up from the city’s Urban Design Panel. If approved for construction it would rise 52 storeys from a narrow base next to the Granville Bridge and curve up to the top. 

Partnering with Westbank, the BIG tower promises to add a foreign twist to Vancouver’s bland (but increasingly more interesting) skyline and create a new identity for that part of downtown. The 650,000 square foot complex will contain shopping, social housing and market rental apartments and will also make good use of the area around and under Granville Street Bridge. Furthermore, it won’t be your typical green/blue glass condo so it will break the monotony we have come to expect from Vancouver buildings.

This project isn’t without its detractors. City advocacy group called CityHallWatch believes the towers height is not right for the neighbourhood. I think the the advocacy group may be in the minority this time, projects like this don’t come around too often and would be an instant architectural landmark.

The project is still a long way from breaking ground, it now enters the open house and public hearings stage.

BIG Tower Vancouver

BIG Tower Vancouver

BIG Tower Vancouver bird's eye view

BIG Tower Under Granville Bridge

BIG Tower Vancouver 2

Granville Bridge BIG Tower

Images via BIG architects

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  • Erinnnnn

    A Bjarke Ingels tower in Vancouver?! Yes please!!

  • Tam Swarte

    Please happen. The new convention centre & Shangri-La are cool, but beyond those two structures I find the architecture in the Lower-Mainland incredibly bland. 

  • Freedom2b

    wouldn’t want to be in this building when the big one hits

  • Adam Nowek

    Because I’m sure they didn’t account at all for Vancouver’s seismic activity.

  • Abc

    Finally! Another building that is worthy world class. Second one in two days, folks in Vancity planning is finally waking up. At the very least it is not a James Cheng Building. Now if we can get a Gehry Art Gallery or I.M. Pei, or a Bing Thom building. Got to make the city where world class architects want to design here not JC buildings and no more green buildings – don’t want to see any moss growing on rooftops and calling green.

  • RealestateAgent

    Is this blog powered by Vancouver real estate cartel? Every other post is shill for some new building or development.

  • Lol

    First of all this hasn’t been approved, so no sales being directed anywhere. And what is wrong talking about more developments. And every other post. I did some research. Went back a few pages and 5 real estate articles. Nice try. Do you work for VIA? 

  • Jwang

    I really dont mind it though, I love hearing about new plans for Vancouver.  

  • Kyle Mitton

    wow, thats pretty f-ing cool

  • Geoff

    I love this project, and agree these types of buildings do not come along often.  I would be a great counter-point to the bland glass Vancouver condo, and perhaps influence for the better, future building design.  I think it’s great that forums like this engage the ‘silent majority’ and speak out to balance the negative voice like @cityhallwatchvan and their ilk.  When groups like this protest every single development, it becomes senseless noise.   This group is headed by the same guy who heads West End Neighbours (WEN), a group who never wants any development in the West End. Either that or WEN changed their name so they can take their brand of NIMBYISM city wide.