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Loving Hut

There used to be a time when burgers were made up of the usual suspects and mostly held on a diner or pub menu. Now we live in a city chock full of fancy burgers and sliders. It’s not hard to find a veggie burger. They are a staple on vegetarian and omnivore restaurants alike. A good, hearty veggie burger is a definite must every once in a while but finding the good ones can prove to be surprisingly difficult.

Loving Hut Express

In front of the Roundhouse at Davie and Pacific, Vancouver

Food trucks have taken over Vancouver and Loving Hut Express was the first all vegan truck. They offer burgers and sandwiches hot off the grill along with fries and beverages. They also support local products such as Zimt Artisan Chocolates, which are a game changer in the chocolate world. They offer gluten free and raw options as well. They had a break and enter which resulted in shutting down but will be back in March.

Burger to order: The Krystle Burger (the Bacon Cheeseburger with sauteed mushrooms on a whole wheat bun)

Although this is not officially on the menu, I go so often and talk about them so much that I got to name my own burger!

Tera V Burger

2961 West Broadway, Vancouver

Tera V offers vegetarian, healthy fast food. Vegetarians and vegans are welcome and omnivores are encouraged to try them out. They challenge them in fact and even quote Mr T on their website. “We are more than just a business. We are an idea, a movement to make the world a better place. Whereas most businesses exist simply to make money, we are here to do more; together with you! The V is for vegetarian but all are welcome here.”

Burger to order: No Bull Burger (you won’t believe it’s not beef! Fresh veggies on a whole wheat bun, with fixin’s and cheese. Make it vegan with Daiya and Vegannaise)

Dharma Kitchen

3667 West Broadway, Vancouver

Dharma Kitchen is a lovely vegan restaurant owned by Tommy Cao who is a devout Buddhist. It has blessed Buddhas to represent it’s mantra of ‘the food of mindfulness’. Mindfulness is the state of active, open attention to the present without judgement.  Tommy’s hope for Dharma Kitchen was a place for people to eat mindful food in a peaceful atmosphere. All items are vegan with gluten free options as well.

Burger to order: Spring Burger (tempeh burger topped with coconut gravy, cucumber slices and alfalfa sprouts)


1958 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver

Sejuiced is known for their amazing fresh juices, smoothies and vegetarian cuisine. They make their own veggie burger patties with almond and whole grains that are infamous. After a visit to Sejuiced you feel energized, satisfied and light. The menu is full of fresh, whole, vegetarian goodness. There are plenty of vegan options and they are clearly marked. They even mark which menu items are organic.

Burger to order: Life Burger (tofu herb mayo, artichoke hearts, alfalfa sprouts, tomato, red onion, lettuce and hot banana pepper)


2301 Main Street, Vancouver

Foundation is a retro, casual vegetarian restaurant that is hipster central. They have great portions of casual, healthy food that is served with attitude, bumpin’ hip hop tracks and inspirational quotes. They don’t have a website or take reservations because they don’t need to. There is more often than not a line up out the door so be prepared. It is SO completely worth it. They are definitely home to the best nachos in Vancouver and in the running for the best veggie burger.

Burger to order: Persistent Pnut Burger (quinoa, chick peas, roast onion, spicy pnut patt, toasty bun, mixed greens, loving side)


Veggie burgers don’t have to be boring or hard to come by. Stop by any of these spots for one of the best veggie burgers in Vancouver and a good feeling.

Eat better. Feel better.


Krystle Charlton is an Accountant by day and blogger extraordinaire by night. Getting vegucated since 2010, she’s been blogging her culinary adventures over at Vegucated in Vancouver. She creates her own delicious recipes, reviews restaurants and products, tests cookbook recipes and offers some general fitness advice. Connect with Krystle on Twitter and Facebook.

Image: Loving Hut Express

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  • Sandy

    Thanks ! 

  • Moner

    I love the veggie burger at the Charlatan on Commercial, brown bun and guac yumminess!

  • datis

    Subeez has a nice one as well

  • errol flynn

    subeez is wack, homie.

  • Nicki

    Kaboom box has an awesome one!

  • Gabe

    How could you not include the Naam Restaurant on 4th and macdonald? They have been around for 35+ years and still the best veggie burger!

  • Clisyoua

    Doesn’t Loving Hut just use premade, store-bought burgers?  I can heat up frozen stuff myself..

  • Hungry

    Cactus Club garden burger >>>>

  • Dougie

    Planet Veg on Cornwall. The best taste, nutrition, value. And the Bansals make it with love.

  • Lotta-bags77

    The veggie burger at Rogue is to die for!

  • Anndi

    MILESTONES makes the BEST veggie burger!

  • Angélique Grace

    Rogue had its veggie burger with mango chutney. Also one of the best!

  • Jeanie

    Rogue’s Swiss Stuffed Veggie Ciabatta is my #1 but excited to explore these other recommendations!

  • Christopher Porter

    Street Meet has a tasty veggie burger.

  • Veronica

    I too like Kaboom Box Veggie burger and their fries! Service is also great!

  • Bec

    Yep. Planet Veg for the win!

  • vancitygirl

    The veggie burgers at cafe deux soleils are so yummy!

  • veggie dog

    clearly have not experienced the sauce they make from scratch.

  • derp

    Prophouse cafe, hands down.  Comes with the works, and is the only place in town where they’ll ask if you want bacon on it (not that they’re trying to be offensive to vegans, but they don’t have a meat burger on their menu)

  • Theresa

    Loving Hut used to have their own restaurant at Broadway/Cambie but it was wrecked in a fire in a neighbouring restaurant. I used to go there all the time and they were my favorite place in the city!!! Fast, cheap and vegan. What? Ya. So I was pretty happy when they opened the food truck, though the menu is now more limited, but I’ll ride my bike a long ways to get there.

  • stabbs

    boston pizza has an amazing veggie burger, and karmavore in new west has a ridiculously mouthwatering quinoa burger!