Single in Vancouver: You’re alone… now what?

Single in Vancouver

Single in Vancouver? Being single doesn’t have to be as dreadful as everyone makes it out to be. There are numerous pluses to being independent in this city, so let’s make light of the situation shall we?

When I got out of my last long- term relationship, I made a list of all the things I enjoyed doing or made me happy that didn’t involve my ex boyfriend. Sure it sounds silly, but at the time I really didn’t know what to do with the spare time – for so long I thought about myself as part of a twosome and suddenly I had to figure out the whole single thing. It took some time, but I sure figured it out – the key is to find out what YOU like and who YOU are, so when you finally meet the right person, you’ve already got yourself sorted out (it’s also nice to be selfish and focus on yourself once in awhile).

Being single doesn’t mean you should be on the constant prowl; at times it’s best to take advantage of that alone time – while you still have it. With spare time and spare money to spend on yourself, you might want to get out there and see what this city has to offer you as a solo citizen.


Get into shape and have fun doing it

It’s easy to pack on the pounds while in a relationship. With the constant dinners out, nights lounging on the couch and lack of effort to impress, you wind up single and chubby. Get out there. Exercise doesn’t have to be a chore or expectation in your day; believe it or not, there are ways to make getting into shape fun – especially in Vancouver.

Join a gym class 

Male or female, a group exercise class can be motivational, entertaining, and a great way to get back into shape. Vancouver offers a number of effective cardio and strength training classes at all levels. So if you’re like me and struggle to walk up stairs just stay in the back of the class and you’ll live to tell the tale. Being in a large group with others who barely know what they are doing makes for a great laugh, helps to motivate and makes it all the more enjoyable!

Join a walking or running group 

Maybe you’re looking for a way to switch up your exercise routine, perhaps you’ve had one too many Big Macs, whatever the reason, joining a walking or running group is a way too meet new people while losing weight.

Try Yoga 

Vancouver women have developed a trait – the love of yoga pants. Sure they help show off a nice butt, but some of us actually wear them for their main purpose – yoga. Vancouver offers an amazing selection of yoga schools, studios and private teachers. In every area of our city, yoga studios mark the healthy lifestyle Vancouver is known for. You’re single, so you might as well get flexible and fit while you are still young enough to do so!


Get a hobby or two

Let’s face it; relationships drain you of your personal interests and hobbies. With spare time comes the ability to do the things you’ve been holding off on. All of those ideas that you’ve “always wanted to try” are calling your name and you no longer have excuses. I don’t care if you want to learn Spanish, collect Pokémon cards or become a rapper… go do the things that make you happy.

Go wine tasting 

Why not go spend an evening tasting your way to happiness (or a terrible hangover). If you love wine, a tasting is the perfect way to spend a single evening. Bring a friend, go solo or meet someone who shares the interest of getting drunk – what’s stopping you?

Go speed dating 

Yes, the idea scares most of us, but imagine if it actually worked? (One of us has to be lucky, right?)

Join a cooking class 

As long as you don’t end up burning the place down, cooking classes are a blast. You don’t have to be a gourmet chef to love the kitchen so why not perfect your skills? Cooking classes are a great thing to do alone or with friends – who knows, you might even meet someone to practice those new tips and trick on.

Learn a new language 

Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn Italian, maybe you’re bored enough to give it a shot, maybe you’ve been tied up these past few years with a relationship… excuses are no longer necessary.

Spoil and pamper yourself

For all the times you were told to hurry up and finish getting ready, to wear less makeup, stop spending money on your nail, hair and new clothes… this is your time, my friend.

You are single and it is time to pamper yourself. There’s nothing wrong with a little self-spoiling and Vancouver’s shops and spas are here to assist.

Treat yourself to a day at the spa

Go buy yourself some temporary happiness 

Robson Street

Pacific Center

Oakridge Center

Spend some time focusing on yourself and I guarantee a better outlook on the single life. You finally get to watch the movies YOU want, to choose the television program YOU secretly enjoy and to do what YOU want whenever YOU please. Now go work on that list!

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  • Conor Doyle

    Let’s face it being single is awesome but being part of the right couple is better. However you won’t find the “right” person until you fully embrace and be content with being alone. I made the conscious decision to stop going on lame dates and meeting girls I had nothing in common with just trying to find the other half of my couple and had and unreal year. I basically decided to say no to nothing. I tried all sorts of activities and had tonnes of fun to the point where I agreed to go on a TV dating show. Believe it or not that is how I met my beautiful girlfriend who I am now living with and happier then ever.

  • Ed

    Agreed with Conor. Been single for about 5 months now. While the first 3-4 months were tough, it wasn’t until the 4th month when I suddenly snapped out of the mindset that being single sucks, did I truly want to improve on myself and for myself. I’m trying restaurants that I’ve never even considered before and trying new activities with different groups of friends just to expand my social network. 
    Sure I get lonely once in awhile (especially during the holidays), but this is where you have to stay mentally strong to know that you don’t NEED anyone in this world, they’re just there to compliment the rest of your life and be a companion.

    So for all the singles out there, don’t feel alone cuz there are tons of us out there. Your family and friends can only help so much, so majority of that motivation to uplift yourself needs to stem from within.

  • Brendan

    Speed dating=why bother?:

    A good friend of mine,Tom Cruise-ish looking but 5’6 tall-great guy,wanted a wife and kid,makes really good money,very social and well spoken-couldn’t get the time of day from women here in Vancouver.Too short.

    He attended a couple of these meet and greet meetings- almost 20 women showed up to both,2-3 guys, one guy bailed immediately,he tried talking to them all and only 1 woman made a minor effort to talk to him in both events. All of them could have lost 20+ pounds,no smiles-nothing to offer but misery.

    He went to Hong Kong,got hmself a real beauty-married 6 years now and their daughter is 3….

  • Conor Doyle

    I think 1 guy going to 2 speed dating events and not finding a wife doesn’t nullify the whole concept. Possibly, going to those events allowed him to come to the realisation that what he wanted wasn’t on his doorstep and this was the driving force to seeking elsewhere. I am in NO way fatalistic but I do believe 100% you are a product of your experiences. I you don’t have the Eureka moment you don’t seek a solution. So maybe it was for different reasons but those speed dating events may have had more to do with him finding his wife then you’d think?

  • Ed

    I’d recommend everyone to go into speed dating with the mindset that nothing serious will transpire. Maybe your friend had his expectations too high and was ultimately letdown by the actual event not living up to his preconceived imagination. 

    As you grow older, your expectations (I hate to admit it) do lower so height and looks become less of a requirement. If people are hoping for that dream hunk or hot girl at a speed date event, they’d be greatly disappointed.

  • Spaz787

    If I wanted an adrenalin rush, I’d do some bungie jumping or pick a fight with a few cops after I had a few Red Bulls. I definitely would not do speed dating.  If I wanted to hook-up with some random, there’s always that quasi call girl site called Plenty of Fish

  • Spaz787

    A lot of single women in town tend to whine asking where are all the “nice guys” in town? The fact is, the nice guys are in the “friend zone” these women  threw them in. Many women actually like the bad boy type who, underneath it all, they hope they can somehow “change”. When they fail, they become single again, looking for the same kind of guy. It’s like a quest and conquest for them.

    There are many men too who are in unahappy relationships as well. So they actually stray in the hopes of finding someone they can be with and dump their current significant other. 

    For whatever reason, it seems Vancouver has it’s fair share of dating and relationship woes. Many women are neurotic, many men are simply players. Many men and women in fact are “single” despite living or being involved with someone else.