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The British Columbia film industry has been in a state of decline ever since our dollar strengthened and Ontario beefed up its tax incentives. This has resulted in numerous big budget productions to relocate from Vancouver to Toronto. While Ontario has realized the benefits of the film industry, our premier has done absolutely nothing about it.

Now with us going back to the archaic PST and GST (which should never have gone to a referendum in the first place as many aren’t educated enough to even vote on a such a topic), the industry will be further hit by a 7% increase in production costs. It’s time to shine the spotlight on this growing problem and hope the government hears about it.

The BC film industry, and the families of those 25 thousand employees, are struggling because of a continuous lack of provincial support. Please sign this petition and give our Premier a “compelling case” to change our tax incentives and help save the BC film industry. Let’s make our voices heard and fight to keep our industry alive! We are the many, who believe that this province is greater and stronger for having BC film in it! #savebcfilm

If you believe that BC Film Industry is a vital part of our economy, then take a couple of minutes and sign the petition. I know many of you think internet petitions are meaningless but they have shed light on topics that are in need of discussion. For that reason alone, signing it is worth it.

The hope is that the premier and the mayor of Vancouver recognize the issue at hand and do something about it. The mayor in particular has been great in trying to solve some problems lately, let’s hope he can at least make this somewhat of a priority.

Here is the link to the petition: http://www.avaaz.org/en/petition/SAVE_BC_FILM/?cSlIQcb

Help spread the word on Twitter and Facebook by sharing this link: http://ow.ly/gLWOi

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  • Travlbeyond

    “Now with us going back to the archaic PST and GST (which should never have gone to a referendum in the first place as many aren’t educated enough to even vote on a such a topic)…”

    Why is it archaic? “Many aren’t educated enough…” How can you make such claim? Any facts to back this up or just a very subjective comment?

  • Adrian

    PST was created in the 1940s, which makes it archaic.. doesn’t it?

  • whiskeysour

    In a nutshell, the PST/GST system is inefficient compared to the HST/GST system.

    HST is a value-added tax and is levied only on consumption of final products; intermediate goods, then, aren’t taxable. PST is just a retail sales tax where all goods at different stages of production are taxed, meaning that hidden taxes accumulate and are ultimately passed onto consumers.

    Basically, the HST is a more transparent tax as it removes the hidden tax buildup effect of the PST. It encourages more economic activity as it levels the playing field between business that depend highly on intermediate goods and those that don’t, and the extra capital can be put towards labour or additional investments. Finally, the system shrinks administrative expenses – especially now that we have to revert back to PST/GST.

    And I think it’s more likely that many just aren’t informed enough to vote on such a topic – not necessarily that they aren’t educated enough.

  • Ntlapointe

    Thanks for bringing awareness to this issue – the more the media gets involved, the harder it is for the BC Government to ignore. Everyone in Vancouver loses if the film industry dies. 

  • Take My Pain Away

    IDLE NO MORE Support It!

  • D’Arcy Lidstone

    It is not just the people of Van, but the rest of the province that will lose the economic benefits.  To the person who posted about Idle no more, please put that on a page that has to do with that issue.  That is a completely different matter.  Thank you.  Back to the film industry.  Not only are the direct economic benefits and spin offs beneficial to British Columbia; but have we thought about the tourism that can result when the credits mentioning  “filmed in Vancouver”, or “filmed in Kelowna”, or any other location in this magnificent province?

  • GStamford

    Bad petition – simplistic and economically naive. I am opposed to expanded tax credits. Yes, we need a level playing field – so let’s lobby hard to eliminate all tax credits to the film industry. The tax payers of Canada should not be subsidizing for-profit entertainment. Let’s subsidize health care, transportation infrastucture and the performing arts.

  • Kowality

    Tax credits are much like price wars.They will never go away.Governments start to ease them when they no longer serve their purpose and start to cost them money.To think they can be eliminated is totally Naive. It is a bargaining tool/weapon used to obtain a result.You’re not thinking about the trickle down effect. People spend more when they work and therefore infuse more tax dollars into the system. If someone pulls out a knife at a fight…you better pull one out also..and when they pull the gun out..you better be able to show that you have one..

  • Kowality

    Check out some of the comments at http://MaximumMarketer.com

  • Watching you watching me

    Been in film over ten years mostly construction have fun keep busy. I couldn’t ignore a lot of problems and inefficiencies that are directly hurting our overall competitiveness from within. I’ve been on many different crews and found some to carry the same unproductive old men while skilled competitive people are overlooked so coordinator friends have a safe cushy job. A significant number of our best have moved onto successful careers away from movie construction over the past decade feeling frustrated by this combined with a decreasing morel. Certain crews work very hard to save money (when they do get shows)and do a great job but rarely get rewarded with more shows designers just go back to the same old favourites when their available(old boys). We have so much more we could do to help grow and sustain this industry over the long term in our province just the government handout is not enough. May you all have a prosperous 2013 I hope.

  • Mindquest

    So you are willing to put 25,000 people out of work,,,  put extra money into retraining these people who studied to work in the industry,,,  to pay them unemployment insurance,,,  continue to give them the benefits they worked so hard to get and guarantee they will make the same amount of income once retrained to maintain the life they have also worked so hard to acquire ?   We all know it takes money to make money.  Why don’t we cut the income of all of the politicians and their workers ?  Take away their benefits !  Review their budgets and delete all personal deductions like dinner meetings, car rentals, and anything else we the people have to pay for out of our own pockets as it doesn’t benefit Canada. 

  • Adrianmcdonald

    Never go away? Film tax credits have only been around since 1996, when Canada pioneered them

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/SBNMZUQ5UEKSQB2S7ITR4BZYLQ rod m

     What the f$%k

  • StubbornSlitherin

    The Government of Canada is an EMBARRASSMENT to the Country. What more to say? 
    They are always saying they don’t have enough money to throw around yet they are sending a bunch oversea’s every year. And yes, they keep raising taxes because they are simply pricks. 
    They eat our money for breakfast and they feed off our insults to them. They don’t care about anyone. And all politicians are in bed with each other politically speaking…none differ from the rest. Politics are too hard to follow, in the way that they give me a permanent headache and anything they say or do is only further bullshit. It gives me great distaste to be living an hour’s away from Ottawa where all that fantastic shit happens!    

  • DoTheMath

    It amazes me that the general public seems to think that the bc government is “giving” money (millions of dollars) in tax credits. If productions choose other locations to film, the tax credit of  of 33% on labor (BC) = 0!!! *** 100% of 0 =0 – 66% of 0 = 0 and 75% of 0 = 0. Do the math! If there are no productions in B.C., there is no tax revenue to give credits on. 66% of something is better than 100% of nothing. With so many people in the industry being unemployed, the taxes the government usually reaps from all of those who live here and spend their pay-checks here is drastically reduced and all the related revenue boost to B.C. (hotels, restaurants, services, etc) disappears. To remain competitive with Ontario and Quebec, we must try to keep an even playing field. The income and livelihood of so many friends and collegues depend on it. Remember – the government cannot give rebates on taxes that are never generated in the first place.