Restaurant Day Vancouver 2013

Restaurant Day Vancouver 2013

Ever wanted to open your own restaurant? Well now is your chance. Restaurant Day is a one-day pop-up restaurant event that happens in cities all over the world. The first ever Vancouver edition is on February 17, 2013. Sign up now at

Restaurant Day originated in Helsinki, Finland, and happens four times a year. On Restaurant Day anyone can set up a restaurant, cafe, or bar (might want to check with our ridiculous liquor laws first) for a day. It can be anywhere: in your home, at the office, on a street corner, in your garden, at a park, or on the beach – only your imagination is the limit.

You can set up a restaurant alone, with friends, or together with an organization or practically any group of people. Sure, quirkier concepts attract people, but oddities aren’t necessary. Good food and drinks at a nice place are enough – the most important thing is to create a restaurant that you’d like to visit yourself. After all, the idea of Restaurant Day is to have fun, share different restaurant experiences with other people and enjoy our city together.

Check out some tips for setting up your own restaurant and enroll for the next Restaurant Day (February 17th) on the world headquarters site:

Restaurant Day Vancouver 2013

How to open a Pop-up restaurant:

Start with the planning

Coffee and cakes at the docks, treats from the trunk of a van, a six-course dinner in your living room – what does your own ideal restaurant look and taste like? The more fun the concept, the more happy customers it will attract. Quirkiness is not, however, the main aim – just try to think of a restaurant that you personally would love.

Location is key. In the summertime, favourite spots have included parks, courtyards and street corners. In the winter, Restaurant Day lovers have gathered in homes, offices and other indoor spaces.

Reach your customers

When you have picked a place and planned the menu, sign up your restaurant for our listings. Come up with a snappy name that sums up your concept, decide on opening hours, and fill in other details (you can also edit these later). Your own social media channels (e.g. a Facebook event) will help spread the word further.

Please note that all restaurants with a clearly commercial, political or religious aim, or restaurants linked to existing commercial brands, or advertising a commercial space or a business, will be removed from the service.

Be prepared for action

Ask your friends to help out, you will most likely need a hand. Running a restaurant is hard work (even for a day). Working with a team is more efficient, and also more fun.

Reserve enough time for preparing your food, have sufficient cold or hot storage space where needed, and plan in advance for possible surprises. Are you able to keep the food hot for enough time? Try to be realistic with the amount of people you are able to serve. It is also good to have a weather plan.

Share your experience

Restaurant Day is based on spontaneity and volunteering. If you have questions regarding running a restaurant, we suggest you strike up a conversation on the Restaurant Day Facebook page, which is followed by other restaurant keepers. There you will find up to date information, and we encourage everyone to share their experiences.

Please note that this website serves solely to gather and share information on listed restaurants. As a restaurant keeper, you are personally responsible for all actions related to running your one-day restaurant.


If you’re going to be participating in Restaurant Day 2013 please let us know via email as we’ll be compiling a list. You can email us at

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  • Write Ahead

    This is such a cool event! And what a great way to test out your restaurant idea before making the commitment to starting a new business. We’re holding an event on Feb 13 that’s all about getting a business from ‘idea’ to ‘open’ – and we’ll be talking about pop-up stores as well as planning. Perhaps some readers would be interested in attending?

  • Coach Happiness

    I absolutely love this idea…try on a new career for a day!

  • Cassandra Anderton

    I love this idea, but is it really going to fly in Vancouver with all of the necessary permits, etc required to run even a lemonade stand.  Hope so, but I can see that there may be issues here.

  • Andrea

    Amazing idea, showcasing local talents as well as the wonderful city we live in. Amazing opportunity to feel more connected to Vancouver and our neighbors 

  • Lovinfromtheoven

    Are there certain restrictions for where we could do a pop up restaurant? As per all the bylaws in Vancouver …

  • natalievana

     I agreed – and I worry about health concerns….

  • Resto

    Serious question here! Does anyone know if there are permits needed to be applied for to do this pop up restaurant? Or any other hoops to jump through just to get this one day event the green light for people? The actual website for restaurant day doesn’t say anything about that.

    Any answers or tips would be appreciated! 

    Thanks! Sammy Chau

  • Bernie Koestlmaier

    Why do this in Feb?  Try a summer month I don’t see the attendance being to high in mid Feb.

  • Mjferreira_94

    is there any other restrictions other than having your food safe ceritifcation (which is an obvious one), but restrictions such as by laws and permits that need to be applied for ?

  • Greg Thibault

    As with any food event the individuals will need a permit. If it is not a permanent event or structure they will need a special event permit from their local health authority. It is never fun for either the health inspector or the operator when something has been missed and the event is not a success. Hope this helps.

  • Fiore in Canada

    Great idea, but I hope that in reality it is feasible with all the liability issues around food safety.