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Dining out can be a stressful experience for a vegan or vegetarian but it doesn’t have to be. Lucky for Vancouverites, there are a plethora of veggie options that sometimes even share the same menu with meat. Not only are non-vegetarian restaurants tapping into this market but vegetarian restaurants are popping up all over the city. Gone are the days of being restricted to eating at The Naam. We all know how awesome The Foundation is but here are some restaurants that may be new to you.

Vancouver vegetarian and vegan restaurants

  • Bandidas: A Vegetarian Mexican restaurant that has awesome brunch! Any breakfast can be made vegan by subbing in a butternut squash/tofu scramble. The nachos are killer and the tacos are yummy.
    • Dish to order: The hick’s benny
  • Panz Veggie: Vegan Chinese restaurant that serves up fresh, tasty, light dishes that won’t break the bank. Ethical, local and healthy ingredients that is sauced to perfection.
    • Dish to order: Braised tofu sheets
  • Dharma Kitchen: A Buddhist vegan restaurant in Kitsilano that focuses on Asian cuisine and good karma for all. Tommy, the owner, believes that eating fresh, whole foods is beneficial for the mind regardless of their dietary preference.
    • Dish to order: Green goddess bowl
  • Heirloom Vegetarian: Vegetarian restaurant that chooses organic, fair trade and local ingredients in an effort of making ethically conscious decisions. Portions are a good size, presentation is beautiful, food is delicious and the service is impeccable.
    • Dish to order: Wild and foraged mushrooms
  • Gorilla Food: An organic, raw, vegan and gluten free restaurant that will nourish your body. Raw cuisine at its finest that will satisfy your hunger.
    • Dish to order: Oh my gado gado bowl
  • Tera V Burger: Their mission is to provide healthy, delicious vegetarian burgers that will satisfy any vegetarian but also make a meat eater a believer! Tasty burgers that can be made vegan with daiya cheese and vegan mayo.
    • Dish to order: No bull burger

Sometimes our dinner companions might not feel like eating veggie too, but fret not; there are plenty of options at non-vegetarian restaurants too. The following have a great selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes.

Vancouver restaurants with vegetarian and vegan options

  • Nuba: Delicious Lebanese cuisine that can satisfy anyone.
    • Dish to order: Najib’s special
  • Chutney Villa: South Indian restaurant with many vegetarian options. Huge portions, fantastic service and amazing chutney!
    • Dish to order: Paruppu oorundai
  • The Wallflower Modern Diner: A casual diner that offers a regular, vegan and gluten free menu! Great prices, good food and a neat space.
    • Dish to order: Vegan shepherd’s pie
  • The Eatery: Hip and happening sushi restaurant that has a vegetarian menu that will make anyone salivate. Very cool and innovative rolls with names that might make you giggle. Serves up the usual suspects you find at other Japanese restaurants, including fish, but with some serious flare.
    • Dish to order: Revolution platter
  • Grub: A fresh sheet restaurant that caters to omnivores, vegetarians and vegans. Menu changes to keep things fresh and interesting.
    • Dish to order: The vegan special
  • Yew: Fine dining in all its glory. The Yew started offering a vegan menu in 2012 that isn’t just a salad and pasta options. The service is impeccable; the food is satisfying and beautifully plated. They even have truffle mac and cheese for lunch!
    • Dish to order: Saffron risotto

There are many other honourable mentions as well: Acorn, The Parker, Paradise Vegetarian Noodle House, Organic Lives, Chomp Vegan Eatery, The Templeton, Wild Rice, The Reef and Calabash Bistro. The list is growing!

Happy eating.

Eat better. Feel better.

Krystle Charlton is an Accountant by day and blogger extraordinaire by night. Getting vegucated since 2010, she’s been blogging her culinary adventures over at Vegucated in Vancouver. She creates her own delicious recipes, reviews restaurants and products, tests cookbook recipes and offers some general fitness advice. Connect with Krystle on Twitter and Facebook.

Image: Yew Restaurant

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  • Hay

    I needed this list for a long time! Thank you Vancity Buzz!

  • Matt

    hello?!! east is east perhaps?

  • tiffy

    I’m an omnivore, but this looks hella yummy. 

  • Jen

    what about the foundation?!

  • Kate

    What about The Parker or The Acorn? They are amazing. Have you tried those?

  • Sburzy

    SO happy the dreaded and over rated Naam didn’t make this list although I don’t understand why Organic Lives only received an honourable mention. 

  • I71995

    Chau Veggie Express – Victoria & 35th Vancouver, vegetaian take on vietnamese cuisine

  • Nicolb

    Budgies Burritos!

  • piper

    how the ACORN didn’t make this list is beyond me. it’s the best food i’ve ever tasted. and all my non-vegetarian friends agree.

  • Shin Hatazawa

    You forgot .. Bodhi Choi Heung Vegetarian Restaurant is located at 3932 Fraser Street in Vancouver

  • spence

    See sentence 5.

  • Sal

    Its a good think that the Naam isn’t on this menu, everyone i know hates it because service is absolutely horrible and its more of a hipster place than an actual good restaurant

  • Jaydoh

    Acorn is awesome but it did make the honourable mention list. 

  • Carrie

    I don’t know if I would call this a list of the “Best Veggie Restaurants” or just ALL of the veggie restaurants available in Vancouver. 

  • kate

    The Acorn?
    The Parker?
    Easily the two of the best vegetarian restaurants in the city!

  • Ggghuny

    This list certainly isn’t “ALL” how about Four Stones in Richmond, Paradise Noodle House in New West, Po Kong on Kingsway just off the top of my head, there’s lots more . . .

  • anon

    or those little places no one’s ever heard of like the Naam or Foundation *cough*

  • uslkum

    Saravana Bhavan on Broadway & Oak

  • DrSchoen

    and where is 3G on Cambie? it won Best Chinese Vegetarian Restaurant for 2013! This list is a joke!

  • Vege Khan

    veg restaurant Satya Asha in Surrey for north indian food!

  • Kelsey

    If only there was room for more!! Awesome list :)

  • N Akhtar

    Naam and The Foundation are mentioned in the beginning of the article, however the list still leaves something to be desired! Some of what came to mind have been mentioned in the comments- Budgie’s Burritos(!!!!), Saravana Bhavan, Po Kong etc. some other mentions should have been- Cafe Deux Soleil, Cafe Kathmandu etc.

  • Graphik

    Heirloom is by far the worst on the list, totally over priced and the food is brutal especially the Asian influenced dishes.

    I will say the decor is nice as well as the staff and the odd interesting cocktail, but that’s it..

    I totally agree with Piper Acorn should be #1 and its the best in town if not the country.