Roberto Luongo traded?

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Earlier today, this photo was taken at a Toronto sports store. Hockey broadcasters Daren Millard and Pierre McGuire reported on Vancouver’s Team 1040 that Roberto Luongo will be traded – for Nazem Kadri and Tyler Bozak – as soon as the lockout is over (whenever that will be). Is this just a desperate attempt from Maple Leafs fans to see the Canucks goaltender sent their way, or do they know something we don’t?

Edit: It looks as though it has been printed on the Toronto Maple Leafs’ third jersey, which is why it doesn’t have shoulder patches.

Image: @manbearpiglpu

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  • Muhammad Malik

    that trade is terrible..

  • 604YVR

    Players can’t be traded during the lockout.

  • farhanmohamed

    I know! That’s why I said that it was reported he’d be traded “as soon as the lockout is over”.

  • VanCity12

    I am sceptical of these pictures that get posted, if they can take that picture, can they not take multiple pictures and different angles?  I also notice there are no emblems on the shoulders and the stripes are different, it is probably their 3rd jersey, but still need they need to get more shots.

  • Omnipotent

     Happy we didn’t take bad pieces in return(Mike Komisarek). Then again, you either give up pieces for Luongo or your options are Reimer/Scrivens, or roll the dice on over-the-hill guys like Turco/Roloson/Conklin.

    My apologies, only Detroit can run a ‘crappy’ goalie tandem and still win the Cup… Why? Cuz Lidstrom plays goalie on most nights…

  • Berserkser

    Lame.  Not even the same jersey.  This apparent pre-arranged trade has been talked about for the past two months.  Your a little late except adding this picture and that Kadri would be the 2nd piece going back.

     “Is this just a desperate attempt from Maple Leafs fans to see the Canucks goaltender sent their way, or do they know something we don’t?”  Is this your way of taking a cheap shot at Leaf fans?  Please explain to me how this is a desperate attempt from the “Maple Leaf FANS”?  Are you saying a fan is running this shop, made a crappy jersey that doesn’t match the others and that will force your favourite GM (BB) to make this trade happen?

  • John

    lol lidstrom retired………

    and the stripes are different on the luongo jersey, plus no leaf patches on shoulders…FAKE.

  • Guest

    This likely isn’t a real article, but the Luongo jersey is the Leafs 3rd jersey and the JVR jersey is the Leafs home. Definitely a legit jersey.

  • Hamster

    Lame. Can’t even tell your own teams’ third jersey.

    My guess is that it’s just some guys PLAYING A JOKE – like what visiting teams do in the ACC 😉

  • Mainlander

    It’s missing the white maple leaves on the shoulders like the jersey beside it.

  • Fake
  • guest

    actually yes, a fan did make that jersey. the same fan who owns the shop it’s being sold at.