Fashion Fix – Holiday Gift Guide ($100 for HIM)


Last week was a gift guide bundle for her, now we’re back with something for the man in your life and, of course, we’re keeping it under a  buck!

  • Yes, the Canucks aren’t playing and life isn’t the same but that doesn’t mean you can’t attend a fun sporting event.

Grab a few beers and catch a Giants game! Check out their schedule here for upcoming home games. Hockey, lots of yelling, double fisting beers, what’s not to love?

  • A department store’s grand opening is what a game release is to men.

A game day release is like the one day all guys give each other mental high fives and then turn their cell phones off for 3 days. Boyfriends, cousins, little brothers – they all speak the same language. Peep the selection here.

With tickets to a sporting event and a game to play, there’s not a whole lot of money left for anything extravagant, so why not spend the remainder (about $20) of your buck and cook a homemade meal.

  • No need to slave away endless hours at the kitchen, MEAT and VEGGIES – all you need.

Guys love a simple meal made with love. Hope this helps anyone trying to find a gift for the man/men in your life. Keep it simple, and keep it heartfelt. Those are what makes it the best gifts!

Happy shopping!


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