Vancouver Cheap Eats: Top 5 Shawarma spots for $5 or less

Falafel Maison

Why do we love shawarmas so much? Whether it’s seasoned lamb or chickpeas deep-fried to perfection, when tucked and rolled inside a grilled pita and slathered with tahini, our adoration really goes without saying. (Okay fine, you were partially right if you guessed we just like saying “shawarma”).

Shawarma, gyro, kebab, donair; it really doesn’t matter how you choose to define these Middle Eastern fast food bundles of joy, just as long as you have these three essentials: two hands, a lot of napkins, and a five dollar bill.

Check, check, and check? Great, then you’re ready for Vancity Buzz and Chowmenow to wrap up this week’s top 5 shawarmas for $5 or less.

Mr. Shawarma

Mr. Shawarma

Vegans and vegetarians rejoice! Find the falafel for $4.99 or a veggie for $3.99. Now here’s the real Chowmenow kicker – this price also includes a free drink!

Falafel Plus

Falafel Plus

Whether you’re lunching late or eating early, you’ll want to saunter over to Falafel Plus between 2:30pm and 5:30pm. This great little hole in the wall has a Happy Hour special where you can find your favorite shawarmas for less than $4.49.

Falafel Maison

Falafel Maison


A falafel wrapped with all the usual suspects: parsley, greens, and hummus for just under five bucks.

Mac Falafel

Mac Falafel

There’s plenty of cheap eat choice here, as their menu has falafel, beef, or chicken that ranges from $3.99 to $4.99.

Donair Town


For SFU students venturing on the Burnaby campus, we’re sure you’ve hankered on one of these falafels for $4.49 at least once or twice. They make the perfect portable cheap eat as you run between lectures.

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  • JerryMcAlister

    The Babylon Cafe is re-opening soon on Nelson and Howe. Their Shawarmas are 5.75, but hands down the best in the city. 

  • Tammy

    Holy Falafel in Langley. Hands down far away the best Shawarma around here. Finally, a donair shop that is not a shithole. Holy Falafel, please come to Coquitlam!!!

  • SurferTofino

    Agreed. I heard these guys are a chain from the Middle East or Dubai or something. Awesome. No one here touches them IMHO. Too bad I have to drive all the way to Langley to eat there. :( They’re going to dominate should they ever come downtown… Which I hope is soon!