Uniqlo Vancouver coming to The Bay?

By Vancity Buzz Staff | 7:53 am PST, Tue November 6, 2012 | Speak Up

For many Vancouver shoppers their dreams may soon come true as rumour has it that Japanese fashion retailer Uniqlo is coming to town. According to Retail InsiderUniqlo Vancouver is a reality as they will be subleasing the space directly under the recently opened Topshop/Topman.

We’ll know soon enough as The Bay has been courting an international retailer. Another potential tenant name being tossed around is Bloomingdale’s.

The Uniqlo name makes sense as they are in heavy expansion mode and have expressed interest in the past of tapping into the Vancouver market. If The Bay spot does not happen, another possible spot may be the recently opened up corner at Alberni and Thurlow, where a 7/11 and other tenants used to be.

We’ll have more on this as it develops.

Image: Tripleoptix

Speak Up

  • Erinnnnn

    If this happens, what a coup for the Bay. Uniqlo has a huge fan base in many overseas countries and their quality is top-notch at a low price-point. However, under the Topshop means seriously underground and a bit depressing…

  • Bored

    As a man of a certain age – okay 46 – I find this rather boring.  Vancouver is seemingly the hub of the 20 something fashion craze.  Topshop, H&M, Forever21, now Uniqlo etc.etc. Borrring.  Yawwwwn.  They all seem to carry the very same stuff.  Or maybe I’m too old.

  • Giovanna

    I agree Uniqlo should be in it’s own retail space. It would definately be unnoticed underground.
    Perhaps Granville would be a better location since H&M, TopShop and Joe Fresh are already there.

  • mer

    Actually, a man your age may be interested in UNIQLO. It is nothing like H&M or forever21 (both of which are identical to eachother, in my opinion). They’re decent quality stuff at a decent price.

  • darkeclipse

    yeah you are old.

  • Old Man

    I love Uniqlo and I M almost 60.  Totally agree, Uniqlo should have there own store

  • murt

    Is there any news on this?

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