Port Mann Bridge opens December 1, 2012

Port Mann Bridge

It’s official, the new Port Mann Bridge will open to eight lanes of traffic on December 1, 2012. The following week on December 8th, tolling will begin. 

The new bridge has been crowned the world’s widest bridge and despite cries from motorists south of the Fraser, tolling was a necessary evil. Some may argue that the tolls aren’t enough. However, politicians will not touch the tolls as they are a sensitive political topic.

Construction will continue after the opening date as crews work to complete the remaining two lanes.

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  • Thomasdew_92

    The toll is perfect. Expensive for those people who are constantly driving over the bridge. Unfortunately, they are also the people who are wearing out the bridge, and hence, the toll fee is to maintain the structural integrity of the bridge. 

  • bardee

    Yes, and for the most part, myself included, those same people live on the other side of the bridge because it’s what they can afford. I’m guessing you either don’t own a home, or you have an above average income. What about all the people who buy products that are shipped into the Port of Vancouver?  Every single item from that Port goes over the same bridge, yet they aren’t paying a thing to maintain it?  If you’ve ever shopped at a store on the other side of the bridge, you too wore out the bridge.  Yes, I could, and will have too, take the Pattullo Bridge, until someone can show me a way to get into Vancouver for work before 5:30 am by transit.

    I guess you don’t travel over any bridges? ever? even by bike, or walking?

    Maybe you can help me with this too….why don’t taxis have to pay a toll? They’re also wearing out the bridge, aren’t they, and making money doing it?

  • Visitor4

    It is fair to have a toll if there is a way to avoid it.  If there is no public transit system available, then it shouldn’t be charged….. e.g. I don’t believe there should be a toll in place between midnight and 6:00am, because the buses don’t run at that time.
    Personally, I’d be more in favour of a toll being placed on the downtown Vancouver area, as there IS a public transit alternative, and Vancouverites are wearing out the downtown faster than those of us who live in the Fraser Valley.  (Those of us who live in the Fraser Valley and commute to Vancouver daily are doing so because, as Bardee pointed out, it’s the only affordable place to live!  Do you honestly think we CHOOSE a three-hour daily commute?!)