Oakridge Centre development: More renders

Oakridge Centre transit plaza

The Oakridge Centre as we know it will soon cease to exist as a massive redevelopment is set to take place. One of the neat features includes the Transit Plaza with a signature public art canopy that provides weather protection. Weather protection in Vancouver, what a genius idea. The plaza will be framed by trees, seating edges, buildings, a stepped amphitheatre, a water feature, and various seating opportunities. Programmable kiosks will also animate the space.

The public art canopy not only provides weather protection for the plaza but it will also animate the space. Something like this should be done for Robson Square if/when it becomes a full time car free zone.

Here are two other renders of the Oakridge Centre redevelopment. For more information see our previous post on the Oakridge Centre development. If approved, this will be one of the larger projects in the city.

Aerial View Oakridge Centre redevelopment

Oakridge Centre development

Other plazas planned for the Oakridge Centre development include:

Civic Plaza

The Civic Plaza will be a highly flexible and programmable event space with central seating and a water feature. It is a key destination along the High Street that offers separate entrances to the Retail Centre and Amenity Building.

Neighbourhood Plaza

A “neighbourhood welcome mat” that guides visitors to the site, the Neighbourhood Plaza will feature a focal centre stage for diverse events such as fashions shows and holiday concerts as well as a secondary stage. The “outdoor living room” offers gathering areas, seating areas, a terrace, and feature lighting.

High Street/Central Court

High Street and the Central Court offer both a passage and gathering space. High Street is an outdoor shopping street with retail street fronts that also features seating, landscaping, and kiosks. There is featured lighting and year-round programming opportunities. The Central Plaza offers outdoor dining, gathering, and special event opportunities.

No mention yet if the Canada Line will have direct access to the mall. As of right now it’s not in the plans, however, it should definitely be a priority.

Source: COV

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  • slanted

    I think you should credit the images as I don’t think vancitybuzz.com did the renders

  • http://twitter.com/ralphie0202 ralphie02

    is this actually gonna happen?

  • JoePublic

    I like the project but agree that the station’s interaction with the mall leaves something to be desired. I understand that this canopy is meant to shelter people as they travel too and from the station, but it doesn’t address the issue of circulation and I think that if it goes ahead as planned we’ll find the station as is insufficient to handle the pedestrian traffic in a desirable way.

  • Skyscraper Forum Moderator

    Wow! It’s amazing that, yet again, Vancitybuzz didn’t reference their photos or content. Great work! I’m not even angry, I’m amused and unsurprised. 

    Vancitybuzz should consider a paper-based publication to augment its online content. It could be printed on toilet paper for a best-use scenario 😉

  • RoadsMustRoll

    Still no, just NO.

  • Soon to be Homeless

    Yep. The one “affordable,” central, transit friendly basement suite I could find in this city is getting demolished to build this masterpeice.

  • growthscaresme

    NIMBYs unite!

  • Vanspecial

    There are no basement suites on the current site. The homes nearby that are being demolished are a part of other developments spawned by the Cambie corridor planning.

  • Vanspecial

    As a nearby resident I’m actually quite excited about this development. Maybe we’ll actually get a decent restaurant like other parts of the city. The population in Oakridge has actually been declining gradually over the years. It’s kind of ridiculous when you think of how central it is. There are areas in Cloverdale that are more densely populated. There is a multi-billion dollar subway running right down the middle of our hood. What did people expect? That it would remain suburban forever?

  • Urbanrage

    Vancitybuzz is a joke. You steal info, articles and images from other websites and either claim it as your own, barely cite it, or don’t site it at all. You should be ashamed of yourselves and as SFM quoted, a toilet paper version of your news would rock. If well-priced, I’d subscribe to that as it might be easier than going to shoppers to buy ass wipe :)

  • Sara

    As a resident, I oppose such a monster in our neighborhood. Yes it has been rendered beautifully with all those trees (you almost don’t see any buildings) but have you ever shown the view from low rise residential next to the development. It is a huge wall next to all those houses, and blocking their view and intruding their privacy.