George Massey Tunnel replacement will be the next big project


Now that the Port Mann bridge is almost complete the Province of B.C. is shifting its focus to the George Massey Tunnel replacement. That along with the Patullo Bridge replacement are two major projects that will happen in the very near future. The question is when and how much is this going to cost. Solutions to both will most likely be tolled and thus create some resistance from residents. 

The George Massey Tunnel is a key component of the regional and provincial transportation system, carrying more than 80,000 vehicles each day. The existing tunnel is congested for almost 13 hours a day, with morning rush hour queues frequently extending 1.5 to 5 kilometres.

In response to growing concerns about the impact of congestion, and recognizing that the existing tunnel has approximately 10 to 15 years of useful life remaining, it is important to start the planning process now to ensure we have a solution in place.

The ministry is undertaking a comprehensive planning and consultation process to determine the most appropriate solution to meet the growing needs of communities, businesses and stakeholders.

Here is the project timeline:

George Massey Tunnel replacement timeline

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  • Vancouverite

    Awesome! So glad to see this is happening, I hope they go through with it! That tunnel is a parking lot.

  • Ben Coli

    More roads. Thank goodness. Let’s make sure that the people who use them don’t have to pay for them as well. I’d sure rather have another enormous, under-capacity bridge than money for healthcare. And let’s all pretend that a $2 toll will come close to covering the $3bn cost of the bridge, not to mention the cost of financing it.

  • GKnightBC

    I am severely disappointed in our government agencies that cannot seem to build a postbox without charging tolls to use it! If they can’t afford to build the replacement/parallel bridge, put aside money until you can do it without charging tolls! Soon, from the trends we are seeing, you will not be able to leave Richmond without paying a toll, which is utterly ridiculous. A project of this size should be held accountable to  fixed amounts, and not let union waste and other graft drive the end price over reasonable levels, as is the case with the Port Mann. The Port Mann project was billed as twinning the bridge for 1.5 billion and, after that received approval, suddenly became a 2.6 billion dollar replacement and boondoggle project. And even that absurdity was not properly engineered for our environment, just like the leaky condos. Where can we hope for accountability for any project, when our government has no oversight?