Carl's Jr. Vancouver downtown location coming

Carl's Jr. Vancouver

Update: Carl’s Jr. is now open at the corner of Howe and Dunsmuir.

The downtown fast food burger seen will soon see another entry as Carl’s Jr., known for their steamy ads, has stated on their Facebook page that they’ll be coming to Vancouver. The exact location is unknown at this time, however, the rumour is that they will be opening near Dunsmuir and Howe street.

Once open, Carl’s Jr. will join Five Guys as the latest addition to the downtown fast food burger scene.

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  • PR Images

    Looks like there will be about 1 burger joint per every 100 people pretty soon

  • Jason N.

    This is such a big win.

  • Art

    Awesome!! I hope In-N-Out Burger joins them soon!

  • Hollywood

    All we need now is a White Castle!

  • Isabellagodwin83

    Right on the corner of Howe and Dunsmuir! 

  • Josh Andallo

    In-N-Out will never establish a burger joint here, because the company isn’t franchised. You’d have to convince one of the members of the family that still owns and operates all the restaurants that Vancouver is a viable place for them to live and operate here too. Then we’d start talking.