5 Awesome Vegan Meals at Non-Vegan Restaurants in Vancouver

Najib's Special

With the holidays approaching, gathering with friends, co-workers, and family is welcomed and inevitable. This time of year can also sometimes alienate the vegans and vegetarians in the group. When dining out together, finding an awesome vegan meal at a non-vegan restaurant can be a daunting task.  Holiday food is laden with dairy and meat related ingredients, and it’s certainly not the time to suggest a trip to the salad bar.

Below is a list of restaurants that will appeal to the omnivorous masses while also offering an awesome vegan option.

Nuba: Affordable, casual and full-of-flavour Lebanese food.

What to have: Your options are many, but the Najib’s Special ($7.50) is something special.

207 West Hastings Street


Joey’s Bentall One: Something for everyone on the menu, and the staff aren’t hard on the eyes.

What to have: The Chinatown Lettuce Wraps ($11.50) with the Gardein Soy Chicken (sub brown rice for noodles – they contain egg – and hold the hoisin)

507 Burrard Street


La Bodega: Quaint atmosphere and legendary Sangria.

What to have: The Patatas Bravas ($6.50) and the Champiñones Salteados ($6.50) are both classics and incredibly good, and an order of bread ($2.50) to sop up all that delicious garlic oil.

*Major garlic alert if you plan on any mistletoe action after.

1277 Howe Street


Market by Jean Georges: Upscale, with some foodie favourites for your meat-eating company.

What to have: The Nasi Goering ($14) or Vegan Pizza ($12) with a side of the Roasted Mushrooms ($8).

1115 Alberni Street


And last, but certainly not least…SUSHI!  Vancouver has a plethora of  sushi restaurants, and everyone has their favourite. The cuisine is easily shared and usually comes in the form of a ten page menu, so no lack of options here.

What to have: Vegetable rolls, cucumber rolls, avocado rolls, inari, gomae and wakame salads are all delicious choices. Be aware that most places do make their miso with fish stock, and ask to sub brown rice whenever possible for a healthier option.

There’s no reason why you can’t please everyone in your group this holiday season.  Vancouver is full of great options!

Bridget Burns is founder and director of The Vegan Project, a vegan lifestyle blog featuring vegan recipes and restaurant, travel and product reviews.

Above: Nuba’s Najib’s Special

Photo via shermansfoodadventures.com

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  • http://twitter.com/JessGrey Jessica Grajczyk

    Great recommendations Bridget! 

  • OceanScented

    Yew at the Four Seasons has some very nice options as well – and Heirloom (Vegetarian restaurant, not completely vegan)

  • cedarblu

    ACORN on main is ridiculously delicious – insane. line up at 530 to get in!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/W76UOX2IDTRMMYTPASSJDLXLRM Bob

    I just want to know where that cauliflower is from.

  • Bridget

    @yahoo-W76UOX2IDTRMMYTPASSJDLXLRM:disqus Nuba Restaurant nuba.ca

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/W76UOX2IDTRMMYTPASSJDLXLRM Bob


  • ohthewren

    Thanks so much for this! As a vegan in Vancouver it’s awesome to see some exposure for any vegan options we have in the city – maybe we can get more! I really support restaurants having at least one vegan option, it’s not hard :)

  • http://twitter.com/TheCanadaLine The Canada Line

    These are awesome, I always wonder where I can take my friends

  • Lrerrie

     that is the Najib’s Special at Nuba.  It is soooo good.  Even my boyfriend, who hates cauliflower went back for seconds.

  • http://ohmcycles.com/ OHM

    The cauliflower dish is the Najib Special at Nuba — it is a ridiculously delicious must-try!