NHL Lockout: No End In Sight

Gary Bettman

Two days ago, hockey fans were filled with optimism. The NHL had made an offer that, at the time, seemed like it was a huge step towards ending the lockout. Now here we are, roughly 48 hours later and it sounds like the two sides are still miles apart. Earlier today, Twitter was abuzz with word that the NHLPA was going to submit a counter offer to the NHL. Then word got out that they were going to submit multiple offers. YEA, MULTIPLE OFFERS! Optimism was everywhere. Analysts, fans, and players were looking forward to some good news from this meeting. I, like many of them, were waiting for the doors to open, and for some news to come.

Then the worst possible news came. It was of course out of Gary Bettman’s mouth. Here are some quotes from the press conference Mr. Bettman help after reading the NHLPA’s offers:

  • “I am to say the least totally disappointed.”
  • “It’s clear we’re not speaking the same language.”
  • “The Proposal the Players Association gave us is a step backward from what we presented.”
  • “I don’t know what the next step is. I’m very discouraged.”
  • “I wish I had better news.”

After hearing that, this was my reaction.

Image (Bruce Bennett/Getty Images) via CBC

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  • http://profiles.google.com/robert.sutherland604 Robert Sutherland


  • Disappointed Fan

    In all fairness, it’s not Bettman’s fault entirely. There is some blame for Fehr too.

  • @lo__b

    I don’t see it as much of Fehr or the PA’s fault at all. Full blame on the owners and Bettman on this lock-out.
    One of the offers were for 50/50HRR (like NHL proposed) as long as all current contracts are honoured at 100%. It just sounds like the owners don’t want to hold up their end of what was NEGOTIATED in the contracts in the first place.
    And why can’t they just have a season while the four paid negotiators hash out a new CBA?

  • http://profiles.google.com/robert.sutherland604 Robert Sutherland

    I remember when reports came out saying that the NHLPA was willing to play under the old CBA while a new one was being negotiated. 

  • Glorious BadGuy

    What do you do with any other organization’s boss when it has apocalyptically failed twice in 7 years? You fire him, and wonder why there was even a second time.  In what world does a guy like this get to keep his job? People have gotten fired for a lot less than this fool.