Fashion Fix - Belle of the Brawl “ANTI-HEROINE” Collection

BOTB Fall 2012 Anti Heroine 1

You gotta give it up to a brand that pretty paved the way for female streetwear. Hellz-Bellz has been around for a min and after much success and growth, they’ve transformed themselves from a t-shirt line to a full blown cut and sew apparel line, BOTB – Bell of the Brawl. Every season the pieces just keep getting better and better. It’s kind of like street wear meets bad girl from Park Ave. Edgy, fun, feminine and most of all, powerful.

Here’s a look at their Fall 2012 collection –   Anti-Heroine uses dark humor to poke fun at the idea of a female being defined as dainty and/or weak. BOTB calls on woman globally to take of the gown which the world has placed on them like bondage and make up their own rules to this near end game of chess…

Seriously, how hot is their Anti-Heroine collection? I could see a lot of women rockin’ these pieces. For more information visit their blog and online store. Cheers to all the females handlin’ their biz.

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