Wrecked Ferrari F40 in Vancouver

Ferrari F40 Crash Vancouver

Vancouver is no stranger to exotic cars. Downtown and the surrounding neighbourhoods to the west are full of them. This past weekend passerby’s witnessed a rare sight, a $500,000 Ferarri F40 was smashed in an accident caught on video.

Judging by the photos and videos being made by the ambulance workers and firefighters the cars passengers probably weren’t hurt too bad. Let’s hope everyone was okay. Can’t say the same thing about the luxury car, that looks bad.

Source: Jalopnik

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  • http://twitter.com/sicklove Dylen Durret

    Chinese driver?

  • gregeh

    Why hope the driver was ok? Rich kids and their fancy toys who treat our roads like a game deserve full paralysis.

  • Vancouverite

    @ Dylen Durret  People like you are just plain ignorant!! 

  • goingplaces

    From what I hear it was a matter of a supercar with summer slicks (tires) on, and the wet roads (yes, it did rain yesterday). The car fishtailed into a pole. The driver had just left the Luxury Supercar show. Could just be plain bad luck. 

  • goingplaces

    What a dumb assumption.

  • curious

    same one from the luxury supercar weekend? what’s with the assumption it was a young driver…

  • Biguglybubba

    Those look like dealer plates

  • Will T Colins

    was a young guy, earlier in the day driving like an idiot, it had rained and driver hadnt felt like changing his driving style even with the weather change 

  • BossRoss604

    OUCH!!!! Checked out that ride at the Councourse… it was a beauty!!!!  what a shame.  

  • ReporterBC

    (without mentioning the distraught owner’s name)

    Owner of the Ferrari F40 is a neurosurgeon.  And he was driving the vehicle with his passenger.  Both of them have been drinking at the 2012 Luxury Supercar Weekend.
    Left VanDusen Botanical Gardens scrapping the front underside of the vehicle.
    He spun out at 49th Avenue colliding with a light pole.  The road conditions were slick as it hasn’t rained for weeks.  He was also seen doing donuts on the garden grounds.

  • TheDoctor

    What a completely misleading tweet and opening paragraph – there was no accident caught on camera, just a wreck. 

  • Erin Harder

    Nobody deserves paralysis. What a horrid thing to say.

  • Wiensjason

    Open bar all day, felt like a stud… Drove like an idiot. End of story.

  • Bob

    What an incredibly petty thing to say. I despise parents who would stupidly buy cars like this one for their children, but they don’t deserve paralysis for it, and you don’t even know that the driver’s a kid.

  • Datrute

    This is news?

  • ReporterBC

    Alcohol was not considered a factor. Owner was at the scene and was NOT breathalyzed. Slippery conditions are to blame.

  • Fact Finder

    Owner was not breathalyzed at the scene so alcohol was not a factor. Slippery conditions are to blame.

  • Holdensimon

    NeuroSurgeon ? He needs to perfect brain transplants and be the first one to receive a new one.

  • T22

    He was drunk…FACT! He got what he deserved. Luckily nobody was hurt.

  • Wayburne69er

    Bet it’s another dumbass chink.

  • Jaden_kook

    “Wayburne69er” is a Loser comment from a Trailer Park Lowlife. What do you say if the guy is white? Don’t hate when people can afford to buy a Ferrari that costs more than your total lifetime income.

  • Djonesp

    My friend and I actually witnessed the accident happen directly in front of us.  We were parked on Oak at 37th and had just gotten into our car.  Weird because in the moment before the accident, I thought to myself this guy better be careful because is going to lose control of that car, and he did in an instant.  It had just started to rain and he just kept on gearing up.  Contrary to what REPORTERBC said, he did not spin out at 49th ave, it happened just north of 37th ave on Oak St, directly in front of Van Dusen Gardens. Thank god no one was seriously injured – if someone had been walking by the lamp post they hit – it would have been horrible. 

  • WR

    pretty fair assumption. it’s one of those stereotypes that holds true 

  • Jeffrey

    There collector plates. Get bifocals.

  • Sara

    The word is the driver was Navraj Heran. 46 years of age. Need more intel perhaps the witnesses could chime in.

  • Houston

    Owner took off,how was he supossed to be breathalyzed? Open bar at the venue what do you expect?

  • Fact Finder

     Took off? Watch the youtube videos. Owner never left the scene.

  • nemo


  • squamptonrules

    c’mon there’s tons of rich HK kids driving exotic cars, but this guy is a neurosurgeon. seems he botches more than ferrari’s! http://www.tokeofthetown.com/2011/06/lifetime_supply_doc_forced_to_buy_patients_pot_aft.php

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/V6FCQNBOHXMZLTKYHWGAD2JY5E Cuthbert

    Accident wasn’t caught on video, it was the aftermath.