Vancouver Cheap Eats: Top 5 places to eat cheap at UBC

The Pit Burger

With a new school year underway, the initial shock of spending your hard earned cash on textbooks rather than bathing suits may leave your wallet looking thinner than usual. However, that doesn’t mean that your stomach has to suffer the same fate.  There are plenty of places to chow down on your campus, you just have to start being saving savvy. Vancity Buzz and Chowmenow took a tour of UBC and found plenty of $5 meals to keep you fueled while you hit the books during the school week.

Monday: The Moon – $5 Combo A: one item and rice or noodles (tax included)

Greasy, filling, and inexpensive, The Moon may be just what you need to recover from the weekend. From sweet and sour pork to tofu, this meal will definitely keep you going through long lectures.

*Note: This is not just a Monday deal, it goes all week round.

The Moon at UBC

Tuesday: Freshslice Pizza – $1 Pizza Slice

Freshslice Pizza in the UBC village is your fairly typical pizza place. However, we give them props for trying to reinvent traditional pie with new and different topping ideas. Plus you get 5 slices for only $5!

Fresh Slice UBC Cheap eats

Wednesday: The Pit  Burger Bar Pub – $3.95 Burger and fries (tax included)

A staple meal at UBC, you’ll never regret ordering the burger and fries (and not just because of the price).  Feeling thirsty? For just one more dollar you can also get a soft drink, rounding out the entire meal to just under five bucks.

UBC Pit Burger

Thursday: Pi R Squared – $2.50 Pizza Slice

For Chow standards, $2.50 may seem a little pricey for just one pizza slice, but trust us–you’re paying for value. Two slices are definitely suffice for even the hungriest of undergrads. Mix up the traditional with their less-than-traditional toppings (one of our favorites is potatoes).

*Note: This is not just a Monday deal, it goes all week round.

Friday: Sprouts – Free! (yes, you read that right)

Sprouts just gave a whole new meaning to TGIF, as it serves fresh and hearty vegetarian meals that are cooked up by volunteers for FREE. It’s a full lunch with bread, salad, and a main course that changes week to week; you just have to bring your own containers. While this may seem too good to be true, this is definitely not the place to go when you’re late for class. Many students have discovered this place already, so long line-ups form fast!

Sprouts UBC

Other Daily Deals:

  White Spot – $3.33 Original Burger on Tuesdays


Delly sandwich at UBCThe Delly (in The Sub) – Half-price on all items after 4pm on Fridays

For more ways to snack, study and save, visit Chowmenow, your Vancouver source for  $5 meal deals. Have somewhere you’d like to add? Review your Chow find!

For up-to-the-minute deals, find them through:

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  • Joey Connick

    How can you not have The Delly on here?!

  • Maggie

    The Moon used to be $3.75!

  • Keshav Mathur

    Brings back so many memories. There are probably a few more places in the village where you can find cheap $5 food

  • Adam Advocaat

    The UBC Freshslice still does $1 slices on Tuesday? Everywhere else it’s been upped to $1.25 (Still a good deal)

  • Guest

    Great idea but these photos make my eyes sore…not up to standard with what I would expect with VcB.  

  • Wez

    Did the person who wrote this even go to UBC? There’s so much more than this!!

  • Vicky

    Not only is the food cheap, the pictures are cheap too. Are they Instagram photos from the first iPhone? I’ve been following your guys’ recent food series for a while now and this is definitely the most disappointing one. Not only that, but being a UBC student myself I also don’t find this list to be anything resourceful. So for the sake of this blog and for UBC, please redo this article.   

  • Guest

    You should promote Agora and the Delly as well. Not only are they cheap but they’re much more healthier alternatives than any of the above except Sprouts (can’t get any more vegetarian than that). 

  • Sdfsdfsdf

    Community Eats as Sprouts isn’t free, it’s a by-donation lunch :).

  • Hungry Fellow

    Also – Regent College has $3 soup and bread on Tuesdays! It’s amazing!