Gangnam Style cardio classes in Richmond

Gangnam Style

If you haven’t heard of Gangnam Style by now, you either don’t have an internet connection or the wifi signal you used to steal is now password protected. The South Korean singer/rapper PSY smash hit, Gangnam Style has already amassed 221 million views on YouTube and the dance is now a fitness class at Richmond’s Sunberryfitness.

The two Gangnam Style cardio dance fitness classes will run from 7 to 9 p.m. at 208-8171 Park Road on Tuesday’s until the fad runs its course. It’s $12 for drop-ins and $6 for first-time visitors.

Still don’t know what we’re talking about here, watch this.

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  • Andrew Connery

    what’s the point of richmond news if your’e called vancity buzz?

    keep it pure van-city please!

  • Anonymous

    That’s a bit of an odd view. Vancouver is quite interconnected with neighbouring municipalities, it’s why we call it the Greater Vancouver Regional District…or Metro Vancouver. Vancity Buzz covers all of Metro Vancouver.

  • Andrew Connery


  • PUR has been running their SexyStilettos Dance® program in Richmond since opening their brand new studio in August, and for the last couple of weeks the instructor has been fusing the original music video choreography with other sassy moves!   check them out!  The class is fun!

  • Cathy

    Oh, that’s hilarious. Is the whole class really spent doing Gangnam Style moves, or are they just calling the class that to bring people in? I can’t imagine a full hour of it — seems way too repetitious! My Zumba instructor at the World Dance Co. in Burnaby ( warms up with the song and incorporates Gangnam-style moves into it,.. but a whole class is just too much!