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320 Granville Street Main Photo

This project at 320 Granville street is in the very early stages in the development approval process. Currently a parkade at the corner of Granville and Cordova, a proposal by developer Morguard for a 32 floor office towers has been submitted to the city.

320 Granville Office tower

320 Granville Street

320 Granville Office tower proposal Vancouver

320 Granville Street Office tower

The photos you see here have been rejected by the city’s Urban Design Panel (UDP) and for good reason. The design (by VIA Architecture) lacks creativity. At this location something more iconic must be constructed. The folks behind 1021 West Hastings office tower (MNP Office Tower) in downtown Vancouver have designed something far superior to what is proposed for 320 Granville street.

320 Pivot Granville Office building
The original concept had an office with a bit of twist. Then it was transformed to the ordinary boxed office tower that was rejected by the UDP.

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  • Paul Schellenberg

    Wouldn’t we all benefit if Vancouver finally decided that no more buildings were allowed that replicated the square glass box cookie cutters that exist everywhere? We deserve truly iconic architecture that makes the world salivate and which equals our spectacular setting. How about Zaha Hadid building in town?

  • cmfong

    I think we need to bring Frank Gehry into to town to show guys like James Cheng how to do iconic buildings.  I think Cheng designed half of the buildings in the downtown core and all of them look exactly the same style.

  • 27100098

    I like the twisted building, why they chose another box…