Apple maps fail

Gastown fail Apple Maps

After downloading the latest Apple software update, iOS6, many users quickly realized the glitches that came with the new map app. Here are a few glitches with the Vancouver map (like the one pictured above). If you have any others feel free to tell us via comment and we’ll add it to the list.


Stanley Park Apple Maps Fail

Mountain View Cemetery consumes John Oliver Secondary

Mountain View Cemetery

Didn’t know there was a Park on Robson Street across the Vancouver Public Library

Apple Maps

Minor error in the spelling of Coal Harbour.

Coal Harbour Apple Maps fail

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  • David

    I mean, they’re pretty insignificant errors. Spelling? And Brit/Can English vs US English? Yes we spell it Harbour, but they spell it Harbor in the US.


    Ya but we’re in Canada and Coal Harbour is a place name. That makes it wrong. Also place names are sort of important on maps…

  • Spike

    What’s with that gas station on Georgia between Burrard and Thurlow?

  • Cdnbubble

    There is no problem with your lead image (of Granville St). The curved lines are the Skytrain line – get your facts right!

  • Mike

    For a blog constantly riddled with punctuation and grammatical errors, this post really takes the cake.

    Three mistakes in this post alone.

    (It’s only 3 sentences long, to boot).

  • Emilia T

    I travelled all around Europe and saved my routes I don’t want to learn another app

  • Erin Harder

    The issue with the lead image is that Gastown has made its way somewhat south of Downtown…apparently I now live in Gastown.

  • Buck

    There is also a park at Richards and Smithe…. Subeez is now a park!

  • Spike

    My curiosity got the best of me, so I looked up this mysterious gas station on my iPhone.  It refers to McCallan Oil and Gas, a UK oil exploration company with a BC office in the Burrard Building at that address.  Guess I won’t be stopping there for a fill-up any time soon…

  • Bonnie

    You just got pwned bitch!

  • Brad

    ^Tim Cook, is that you?

  • Bruce Ng

    also, “harbour” is spelled correctly, twice, around where it is misspelled as “harbor”. it’s inconsistent!

  • Bruce Ng

    the problem isn’t the skytrain line, it’s the 2 urban parks that don’t exist right across the street from the Library.

  • Richard

    Except that Gastown isn’t located on Robson and Seymour, right? 😉

  • Adam Nowek

    Spelling on a globalised map service (see: all of them ever) always will reflect local spelling. Which is Harbour.

  • Clay St. Thomas

    Umm, I would say inventing 2 square blocks of non-existent park (on Robson ?!) qualifies as “signficant”. :)

  • Escobar

    Apple begins to be so yesterday and quality of everything they do seems to be going fast downhill. Other makers are already leading the innovation, not Apple. Apple is only for the masses, not for individualists or tech leaders. Quite a change in just few years. :-/


    Right, because you’re above Apple. Hilarious.

  • Jeremy

    Not sure how someone’s phone defines their “tech status” or individuality. As far as I see it, there is no such thing as a phone for “individualists or tech leaders”. In my opinion, a phone isn’t meant to replace the computer on which you do your REAL work. The reason Apple is successful is because they offer what most people are looking for in a PHONE.