Vancouver Model: Chloe Giguere


Model: Chloe Giguere

Chloe Giguere is a 24 year old french canadian dancer/model from Vancouver. She started dancing at the age of four and hasn’t stopped since. She has traveled around the world dancing for Carnival Cruise Lines and is now back and situated on land. Her goal is to continue pursuing both modelling and dancing here in Vancouver.

Photos by: Torquille De Jonge

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  • Maverick

    Nice Chloe, congrats on the VCB spread

  • Guest

    Why do all of these photos have to be sexualized? I’m sick and tired of looking at photos of women like this. It’s too bad that this young woman has to exploit her body to get her photos online.

  • BooHoo

    Sex sells, get over it.

  • get over it.

    These are beautiful photos–art, really.  If something is bothering you, don’t look at it.  There are far worse things in this world than a beautiful girl getting photographs taken….

  • Lolz

    looks like shes about to fart in photo #6

  • Dylen Durret

    Ugly and/or fat women are worthless to men, much like short men without money are low value to women

  • PS

    She’s not a victim of sexualization, rather a liberated woman with a choice. Rock on Chloe.

  • Linds

    Frogs aren’t Canadians

  • San

    Art?!? Anyone who has been to a beginner’s course in portrait taking can tell these are crappy, low quality shots. The over-photoshopped filters is the most obvious clue.

  • NathanGarrison

    The most beautiful girls are usually dancers. I wonder why that is…all I know is that I should date more dancers…

  • Guest

    It is kind of sad the photos are in her underwear,not much for imagination these days. She is nice looking, and probably looks very nice in tailored clothing.