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Vancouver Model: Amber Prince

By Vancity Buzz Staff | 7:53 am PST, Wed August 15, 2012 | Speak Up

Model: Amber Prince

Amber is a small town girl from Edmonton who moved to Vancouver to follow her dream of modelling and her aspiring singing career. She is a single mom, and head over heels in love with her son. She has worked with Torquille ( a handful of times, and each shoot is better than the last. Look out for her as the official bikini model for Pacific Pilsner –

Photos by: Torquille De Jonge

Speak Up

  • Gerald

    I wanna smash that

  • Newfangledphoenix

    The model on the toilet shot has always baffled me

  • Blah

    yeah not sure why you would shoot her in this horrible setting, makes her seem like a cheap hooker.

  • Chick


  • Derikg

    now we all know why she is still single

  • BEe


  • Tdj

    The one time where a watermark hurts more than it helps. 

  • Baloney411

    Yeah shes a REAL man eater ! Took me for 1000’s of $$$$

  • Kdn

    she doesn’t look after her son at all,and she is a hooker..