Vancouver Cheap Eats: Top Breakfast Finds $5 (or under)

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If you’re as much of a breakfast fanatic as we are then we’re sure these $5-or under, breakfast finds will brighten your day. Ah, yes, never underestimate the worth of that five dollar bill sitting in your wallet again! It can get you much more than that morning Starbucks latte, my friends.

So with all that said– and Vancity Buzz are proud to present our top 10 favorite $5 (or under) breakfast finds in Vancouver.

1. Bon’s off Broadway $2.95 Breakfast Special

Bon’s is all about breakfast and huge portions at not so huge prices. The $2.99 Breakfast Special get you 2 slices of bread, 2 large eggs, a load of Pan Fried Potatoes, and 3 pieces of Bacon, Sausage, or Ham. Can you say bang for your buck!?

 Bon’s is located  at 2451 Nanaimo St (Renfrew-Collingwood Neighbourhood)


2. Yummy Sushi $2.99 Breakfast Special

Though the name may be deceiving, Yummy Sushi takes its menu beyond Sushi & serves up one mean breakfast. The signature breakfast special is similar to Bon’s, but generously comes with an extra two pieces of bacon, sausage or ham! For $2.99 you get 2 slices of bread, 2 large eggs, a generous serving of Hash browns, and 5 pieces of Bacon, Sausage or Ham.

Yummy Sushi is located at 1980 Pine St ( Fairview Neighbourhood)


3. Kyles Café $3.50 Breakfast Special

You have to make it before 11 am to get a hold of this killer deal. For $3.50 you get 2 slices of bacon or sausage, 2 eggs, 2 slices of toast and hash browns. The best part about this joint is that there is never a line up. Kyles Café is a hidden gem in this city- the regular customers however like it this way.

 Kyles Cafe is located at 2627 Commercial Drive (Kensington neighbourhood).


4.  Cambie Café $3.50 Breakfast Special

$3.50 Breakfast Special comes with 2 eggs, 3 pieces of Bacon or Sausage and Hashbrowns

Cambie Cafe is located at 2301 Cambie Street (Fairview Neighbourhood).


5. Pita Wrap Café $3.80 Breakfast Special

At first glance, Pita Wrap Café appears just as deceiving as Yummy Sushi. Yet, this Middle Eastern Falafel/Shwarma restaurant serves up great breakfast and even greater prices. For $3.80 you get eggs, homefries and bacon/sausage with toast. Didn’t mom ever tell you not to judge a book by its cover!?

Pita Wrap Cafe is located at 565 Dunsmuir St  (Downtown, Vancouver).


6.  Janes $4.50 Breakfast Special

Jane’s Breakfast Special is well known among the locals. For $4.50 you get 2 slices of toast, 2 large eggs, Pan Fried Potatoes and 3 slices of Bacon, Sausage or Ham.

Jane’s is located at 4217 Hastings St  (Burnaby North Neighbourhood).

7.   Café Zen $4.69 Early Bird Breakfast Special

Here’s a classic case of the early bird getting the worm! If you can make it out of bed and to Café Zen sometime between 7-10 am, then you’ll be indulging in a plate full of bacon, eggs, toast and hashbrowns for only $4.69. Oh, and it’s located just a few steps away from Kitsilano beach!

Cafe Zen is located at 1631 Yew St  (Kitsilano Neighbourhood).

8. Nice Café $4.85 Breakfast Special

All-day breakfast menu! One popular feature here is the 2 eggs, hash-browns, toast, and choice of ham, bacon, sausage, or tomato deal ($4.85).

Nice Cafe is located at 154 E 8th Ave (Mount Pleaseant/ Main Street Neighbourhood).

9. The Regal Beagel $4.99 Breakfast Special

A Kitsilano favorite! $4.99 Weekend Breakfast Special  includes two Free range Eggs Any Style, Bacon, House Potatoes and MultiGrain Toast

The Regal Beagel is located at 2281 West Broadway (Kitsilano Neighbourhood).

10. Dockers Diner $5 Breakfast Special

Docker’s diner has been around for quite some time and has established itself in the community through its bang for the buck $5 breakfast special.  That crisp five dollar bill gets you two eggs, bacon or sausage, real hash brown potatoes and toast.

 Docker’s Diner is located at 1869 Powell St  (Commerical Drive/ Grandview).


Other places we recommend:

Solly’s Bagerly $3.95 Eggel Sandiwch –This popular Kitsilano bagel shop is best known for their “Eggels”.  Yep—you guessed it, egg + bagel = Eggel! The infamous Eggel is created on your choice of Solly’s bagel and is topped with scrambled eggs and real melted Edam or cheddar cheese.

Blue Mountain Café Breakfast Special—2eggs, bacon, ham or sausage & pancakes for $4.99!

Muira Waffle Milk Bar—Banana & Caramel Nano (Waffle Sandwich) & Watermelon Sunomono $5




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  • Aaron

    I’d also add Save On Meats amazing breakfast sandwichs that they sell from the street café. Less than two bucks for omelette, ham, cheese on an herb biscuit.

  • Anon.

    Addresses, please!! :)

  • Lefty016

    You guys gotta throw the addresses up!  Way too lazy to punch all these in the Google machine.

  • Romina Moradi

    yum! thanks for the reco.

  • Romina Moradi

    Your wish is my command! I’ve added all the adresses in. Thanks for the suggestion!

  • Romina Moradi

    Ah, your wish is also my command. I’ve saved you the googling work by adding all the addresses in ! Good suggestion.

  • Emlyn

    the new cafe in the hostel at Jerhico beach is awesome. I think it’s like 4.95 for brekky and it’s damn good. Also non profit!

  • Aaron Koo

    What are peoples thoughts on the $1 breakfast at IKEA?

  • Alnicolas

    Addresses are at the bottom of each pictures.

  • Lefty016

    weird, they’re not showing up on my firefox browser… good to go in Chrome. Thanks.

  • O3O

    Every breakfast seriously needs some fruits and fiber, besides all that greasy, sodium packed stuff.

  • Ibobxtraz

    At Docker’s Diner, you will also get a free show from the waitress. Her mouth doesn’t stop crackling while you eat especially during hockey season. :)

  • Magik604

    By looking at all the pictures, it seems no one in Vancouver knows how to properly cook an egg. :(

  • Romina Moradi

    It’s never a bad idea to order a side of fruit.

  • Romina Moradi

    Personally, I like it. My loonie has never gone so far. Did you know that on Monday’s the breakfasts are FREE? :)

  • Romina Moradi

    Amazing! Thanks for the reco, girl!

  • Whatsomiloves

    went to bons on broadway once. was sick for the rest of the day. cheap, but not worth the aftermath

  • Roberto

    And how do you properly cook an egg? Remembering, of course, that the eggs above are all sunny-side-up, presumably for aesthetic appeal.

  • HD

     Probably means cooking it so the edges of the egg don’t look burnt to hell?

  • Disappointed

    I vote that no one ever eats any of these breakfasts ever again. My guess is we’d all be bette off. Spend $5 on non-fried, non-meat, non-gluten products and call it the best day of your life.

  • Fuckthis

    fuck solly’s the owner treats her employees like shit. dont support it.

  • Kelsey Holden

    I love crispy edges on my eggs! :)

  • Phesto604

    Red Wagon has a long line and it’s not under five bugs but it is the best breakfast in town

  • Alex Cruise

    If you’re in South Van, check out Dylan’s, in the mini mall beside Langara Gardens.  On W. 57th, just West of Cambie.  $5.50, and very good!  $10 for breakfast and coffee, including tax and tip.

  • Aaron Koo

    Which of these offers the greatest mass:dollar ratio?

  • R.

    But don’t these places usually charge you $2.50 for a coffee?

  • Owenonelly

    Editor, please check meaning of ‘infamous.’

  • Lord_nikon18

    Because how hard is it to poach a goddamn egg properly?

  • Guest102

    it’s really 2.95 TAX-IN for bon’s

  • Jesse

    Pita Wrap Cafe is now $4.95 for their “Canadian breakfast”

  • Mr. Opinion

    really?… I guess the rest of us in the lower mainland should have all other foods cooked to your specs too? Have you always been a narcissist?

  • Mr. Opinion

    oh please… take your health advice and go away? This is not about healthy breakfasts, but about cheap eats. Seriously, go eat your fruit & fiber Granola somewhere else!

  • Mr. Opinion

    You must be a disgruntled employee yourself…

  • Mr. Opinion

    Shut the f**k up and go away to your health store… idiot.

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    firefox is as bad as IE… worst browsers on the market…. okay there is Opera & Safari too, both terrible browsers!

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    All addresses are posted… You need to use Chrome and get away from Firefox, Opera, Safari or IE…. the later are all crap browsers!

  • Mr. Opinion

    use Chrome and get away from Firefox, Opera, Safari or IE