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Vancity’s Good Money Mob is on now! We’ll be featuring three local business (which you can vote on to be mobbed) over the course of the next several days. First we have Xoxolat. Xoxolat is all about enjoying chocolate in its purest form. Between their truffles, edible chocolate shoes, and XOXO line of “everything goes with chocolate” bars, they’re a destination for chocolate lovers in Vancouver. They host regular tasting classes in our shop to introduce people to the world of chocolate, with samplings of some of their most popular bars like Westcoast Breakfast (maple-caramelized bacon in deep milk chocolate), Tortilla Chips & Lime, and Sour Cherry & Chili. They think of chocolate as a fine food, not a candy, and love playing around with possible pairings – their latest experiments have been Tamarind & Chili and Bacon & Tomato. They carry bars in milk, white, and dark chocolate, though they love to bring people over to “the dark side”: the higher the percentage, the better!

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In addition to this, they are the largest importer of fine chocolate in Canada, with an unmatched selection of chocolate from around the world. They have two big rules in the shop that they take very seriously: They only bring in bars that are junk-free and fair trade. This means that the chocolate doesn’t have more than 0.01% soy lecithin (an emulsifier), and that the companies they import pay farmers fair prices for their cocoa. This makes Xoxolat unique because it is a local business working to make an international impact. They want to raise awareness about companies around the world that are making excellent chocolate and changing cocoa culture. With raised awareness comes change, and they hope that once people learn how easy it is to support fair-trade, junk-free companies, they’ll support them and spread the word to friends.

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  • David C

    Loved the chocolate tasting. My palette has been ruined since and I can’t do without great chocolate.

  • Ymoulin

    XOXOLAT chocolate is out of this world yummy & mmm!  My favourite is Sour Cherry & Chili!

  • Senns Rocketmail

    Oh boy, my newest favorite is the Askinosie dark milk with licorice; and it is gluten free! Oh yumm, I am eating, no Savoring it right now! :)

  • Deanne

    I love the dark chocolate and my favorite was the Sour Cherry & Chili!  Mmmm Mmmm.  Disapeared way too fast!

  • Samantha

    Classic milk chocolate is my fav.

  • J

    Milk Chocolate! Yum!

  • janice montroy

    milk chocolate