In-N-Out Burger in Langley for one day only

INNOUT Burgers Vancouver

Until Metro Vancouver gets an official In-N-Out burger the closest they’ll get to devouring those delicious burgers without having to travel a great distance is at the annual Langley Good Time Cruise for charity on September 8, 2012. The western United States fast food chain will cross the border once again for this wonderful cause. This is their fourth time participating in the Langley Good Time Cruise.

Last year close to 1,500 In-N-Out burgers will be consumed on this single day event in Langley. The popular American burger will be a part of the Langley Good Time cruise as they will be flipping burgers and serving them up as fast as they can. All proceeds plus their sponsorship fee will go charity.

It may not be the same for burger aficionados but we are getting a Five Guys on Robson Street real soon.

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  • Josh Andallo

    There will likely never be an In-N-Out in Vancouver. The company does not franchise; the only way they will allow it to happen is if they themselves want to expand into Canada, but seeing as it’s a family owned and operated business, I’m not so sure that they’d want to move out here yet.

  • Ron

    What we need in Langley is a Carl’s Jr. 

  • David

    United States fast food chain will cross the boarder (sic – border) once again for this wonderful cause

  • Tim

    There’s no such thing as “In and Out” down here (San Francisco), it’s more like in….wait…..wait….wait….out. 

  • Kev

    Don’t forget to “animal style” your fries and burgers!

  • Tom

    In N Out Burger > 5 Guys

  • Tom

    haha. Yeah, McD’s is where you want to go for the true In N Out experience. Highly processed food is quicker to prepare, ejects from intestines quicker, and helps keep America morbidly obese.

  • Kinkydrummergirl

    Langley of all places why not Vancouver wtf

  • Goliath

    no shit, Sherlock.

  • BB

    UFOOD GRILL coming soon to vancouver!.
    check out the site:
    “where delicious meets nutritious” … the new generation for fast food

  • Guest

    youre an idiot

  • Bjamieson

    Who cares? We have A&W (Food Services of Canada Inc.)!!!

  • Robnurgundy

    Langley blows