Fashion Fix - Jelly shoes are making a comeback...

bow tie jelly shoes

Do you remember rockin’ jelly shoes as as a child? Chances are, you do and what childhood didn’t include a pair of jello soft shoes? But before you break out your vintage jellies-  the ones that lit up and/or made squeaky noises- this generation’s idea of a jelly pair comes in bright colors, poppin’ patterns and even designer labels! Here’s to reviving an old childhood favorite :)

Vivenne Weestwood’s Ultragirl flat jelly pump / Republic Krush Bow peep toe jelly ballet

Anything with a bow on it is an automatic winning situation! How cute are those peep toes, don’t they remind you of Barbie’s shoes?

Jellies dipped in designer…

Moschino heart jelly flats / Gucci Marola jelly sandals / Mulberry Bow front jelly shoes

Moschino, Gucci, Mulberry, oh my! The Gucci pair would look so wonderful in every woman’s closet. Paired with a flowy, or even tight, summer dress, skinny jeans or worn with a pair of shorts for a comfy bike ride. That’s what you call a justified designer purchase!

And saving the best for last, the Givenchy flat jelly sandals! These are jelly shoes taken up about, 23948 notches. Can you imagine how comfortable these would be frolicking on Vancouver’s beaches or a quick stroll on the seawall? Nothing like style, and comfort molded into a pair of shoes. What’s your take on jelly shoes, yay or nay?

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