Canada's 5 Most Expensive Homes (4 From Vancouver)

Fairmont Pacific Rim Penthouse Vancouver

We all know that Vancouver is an expensive place to buy a home. In fact 4 out of the 5 most expensive homes listed for sale in Canada are from Vancouver. We’ve already covered 2 of the 5 on this list extensively already. In fact the Fairmont Pacific Rim is the most expensive condo listed for sale. Here is a look at the 5 most expensive homes in Canada.

5. 1416 WESBROOK CR in Vancouver. List Price $27,800,000 SIZE: 7,876 sqft.

4. 1400-155 Cumberland, Toronto. List Price $28,000,0000 Size: 10,000 sqft.

3. PH01-1011 West Cordova, Vancouver. List Price: $28,800,000 Size: 6,400 sqft.

More photos of the Fairmont Pacific Rim Photos

2. 3390 The Crescent, Vancouver. List Price$31,900,000 10,516 sqft.


Editor’s Note: This post has been amended to remove one of the listings due to the privacy of the homeowner.

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