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Next to the Grand Dynasty at the Delta in Burnaby, there is a Japanese resteaurant tucked in a corner. The lunch menu is totally different from the dinner menu. Their dinner is purely hot pot, all you can eat.   We started off with a small sake and proceeded to review the menu.

One of the “most popular” lunch dish from Japan (as said so on their menu). This is the Gyu Don, which is beef with sliced onions cooked in a special sauce, served on a bed of rice. We asked for it with the Spicy Sauce, which was probably a good choice. This dish is a little sweet, and the spice helps to balance that.

All their Lunch Combo comes with a Miso Soup and some Spinach Gomae. The gomae wasn’t overly dressed, so you could taste the sesame, but not drenched in it.

We got the G-be Sashimi Combo, with slices of Albacore tuna, Atlantic salmon, shrimp, squid, snapper and surf clam, and a 6-piece of California Roll, made with multi-grain rice (thus the odd pinkish tinge on the rice). The sashimi was fresh, carefully sliced with good flavour.

Here is the G-Be Chirashi Sushi Bowl – pretty much the same as the Sashimi Combo, minus the California Roll, but it’s also $2.50 cheaper. The rice in the bowl is also multi-grain, a nice option to have.

Here is an overview of our whole lunch…including the sake, it was $45, but we were stuffed. But their menu choices are a bit limited, so be sure to check out their site before visiting.

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Written By: Grace Cheung (@gracecheung604) www.gracecheung604.com

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