Bring Your Own Wine Participating BC Restaurant List

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The British Columbia government announced that you can now bring your own wine to a restaurant. The reaction by potential patrons has been tremendous and slowly a list of restaurants participating under the Bring Your Own Wine law are starting to emerge.

We will constantly update this list. Consider it your go to list if you ever want to see if a restaurant is allowing you to bring your own bottle of wine.

Note: If you’re a restaurant that allows BYOW please let us know by either emailing us or tweeting at us @Vancitybuzz. Thanks.

Bring Your Own Wine Vancouver Restaurant List

Al Porto Ristorante, 321 Water Street
Corkage Fee: $25

Au Petit Chavignol, 843 East Hastings Street
Corkage Fee: $20

Blue Water Restaurant, 1095 Hamilton Street
Corkage Fee: $38

Boathouse Kitsilano Beach, 1305 Arbutus Street
Corkage Fee: $20

Brix Restaurant, 1138 Homer Street
Corkage Fee: $25

Cache Bistro & Lounge, 1269 Hamilton Street
Corkage Fee: $20

Cafeteria, 2702 Main Street
Corkage Fee: Unknown

Campagnolo, 1020 Main Street
Corkage Fee: $35

Chambar, 562 Beatty Street
Corkage Fee: $25

Cloud 9, 1400 Robson Street
Corkage Fee: $20 in restaurant, $50 in lounge

CinCin Ristorante, 1154 Robson Street
Corkage Fee: $35

Crave, 3941 Main Street
Corkage Fee: $25

East of Main Cafe, 223 E. Georgia
Corkage Fee: $20 corkage fee

Edible Canada Bistro, 1596 Johnston Street
Corkage Fee: $20 for Canadian wine, $30 international

El Caminos, 3250 Main StreetFable, 1944 West 4th avenue
Corkage Fee: $20

Fable Kitchen, 1944 West 4th Avenue
Corkage Fee: $20

Famoso Pizzeria, 1380 Commercial Drive
Corkage Fee: $15

Fish Cafe, 2053 West 41st Ave
Corkage Fee: $20

Fray on Fraser, 3980 Fraser Street
Corkage Fee: $5

French Table, 3916 Main Street
Corkage Fee: $25

Gotham Steakhouse, 615 Seymour Street
Corkage Fee: 39

Gramercy Grill, 2685 Arbutus Street
Corkage fee: $20

Habit, 2610 Main Street
Corkage Fee: N/A

Hapa Izakaya (Multiple locations)
Corkage Fee: $20 (max 1 bottle per 4 guests or 2 bottles for 5+ guests)

Hy’s Encore Steakhouse, 637 Hornby Street
Corkage Fee: $30

Joe Fortes, 777 Thurlow Street
Corkage Fee: $25

Keg Restaurant (all locations)
Corkage Fee: $20

Kitsilano Daily Kitchen, 1809 West 1st Ave
Corkage Fee: Free up to $25*
*if vintage pre 2000, specific BC wines on Mondays. (1st Monday = Pinot Noir, 2nd Monday = Syrah, 3rd Monday of month = Sauvignon Blanc, 4th Monday = Bordeaux blends and 5th Monday = any bottle bought at Village Wines VQA shop. Free corkage on Monday’s not valid on Stat holidays)

L’Abattoir, 217 Carrall Street
Corkage Fee: $25 corkage fee

La Bucca, 4025 Macdonald Street
Corkage Fee: Unknown

La Gavroche, 1616 Alberni Street
Corkage Fee: $25 (max two bottles)

Le Parisien, 751 Denman Street
Corkage Fee: $20

Martini’s Pizza, 151 West Broadway
Corkage Fee: $12

Max’s Burgers, 521 West Broadway
Corkage Fee: $10 corkage fee (No corkage fee on Tuesdays)

Maurya Indian Cuisine 1643 West Broadway,
Corkage Fee: $10 (Free on Wednesday)

Memphis Blues BBQ (All locations)
Corkage Fee: $15

Monk McQueens, 601 Stamps Landing
Corkage Fee: $25 per 750ml bottle maximum 1 bottle per 3 guests; max 4 per visit

NOVO Pizzeria, 2118 Burrard Street
Corkage Fee: Unknown

Pair Bistro, 3763 West 10th Avenue
Corkage Fee: $15

Pied a Terre, 3369 Cambie Street
Corkage Fee: $25

Pink E Thai, 1152 Alberni Street
Corkage Fee: $12

Q4 Ristorante 2563 West Broadway
Corkage Fee: $30

Raincity Grill, 1193 Denman
Corkage Fee: $30

Salade de Fruits, 1551 W 7th Ave
Corkage Fee: $14

Siena on 12th, 1485 West 12th Ave
Corkage Fee: $20

Thai House 1116 Robson Street and 1766 W. 7th ave
Corkage Fee: $12 corkage fee

The Boathouse at Kits Beach, 1305 Arbutus Street
Corkage Fee: $20

The Cascade Room, 2616 Main Street

The Union, 219 Union Street

The Wallflower, 2420 Main Street
Corkage Fee: $10 (max 2 bottles per table), Free corkage Tuesdays (max 1 bottle per table)

Two Chefs and a Table, 305 Alexander Street
Corkage Fee: $25 and wine can’t be on the list

Urban Thai 1119 Hamilton Street
Corkage Fee: $12 corkage fee

Verace Pizzeria, 189 Keefer
Corkage fee: $10 corkage fee (No corkage fee on Wine Wednesdays)

Via Tevere Pizzeria, 1190 Victoria Drive
Corkage Fee: $20

Vera’s Burger (Multiple locations)
Corkage fee: $2

West Restaurant, 2881 Granville Street
Corkage Fee: $38 corkage fee

White Spot (multiple locations)
Corkage Fee: $10

Bring Your Own Wine Burnaby Restaurant List

Cotto Enoteca, 6011 Hastings Street
Corkage Fee: $20

EBO Restaurant, 4331 Dominion Street at The Delta Burnaby
Corkage Fee: $20

Hart House, 6664 Deer Lake Avenue
Corkage Fee: $25

Horizons Restaurant, 100 Centennial Way
Corkage Fee: $25

Romana’s Pizza, 4660 Hastings Street
Corkage Fee: Unknown

Bring Your Own Wine West Vancouver Restaurant List

Amici, 1747 Marine Drive West Vancouver
Corkage Fee: $20

Dundarave Fish Market, 2423 Marine Drive
Corkage Fee: $40

Mangia E Bevi, 2222 Marine Drive
Corkage Fee: $30

Village Taphouse, 900 Main Street #1C
Corkage Fee: $20

Zen Sushi, 2232 Marine Drive
Corkage Fee: $20

Bring Your Own Wine North Vancouver Restaurant List

Fish works, 91 Lonsdale Avenue
Corkage Fee: $25

Marine Grill, 1653 Columbia Street
Corkage Fee: $25

Observatory Restaurant, Grouse Mountain
Corkage Fee: $25

Raglan’s Bistro, 15 Lonsdale Ave
Corkage Fee: $17

Red Lion Bar & Grill, 2427 Southwest Marine Drive
Corkage Fee: $20

Rockford Grill, 1493 Marine Drive
Corkage Fee: $20

Thai House, 116 W. Esplanade
Corkage Fee: $12 corkage fee

Bring Your Own Wine Richmond Restaurant List

Chop Steakhouse, 10251 Saint Edwards Drive
Corkage Fee: Free until September 2012 for BC wines, $19 for imports
Tapenade Bistro, 3711 Bayview Street
Corkage Fee: $25 corkage fee

Thai House, 129-4940 No.3 Road Richmond
Corkage Fee: $12

Bring Your Own Wine Surrey Restaurant List

Old Surrey Restaurant, 13483 72 Avenue
Corkage Fee: $20

Vault Restaurant, 5764 176 Street
Corkage Fee: $20

Bring Your Own Wine Langley Restaurant List

The Keg Langley, 9020 202 Street (also all other Keg locations)
Corkage Fee: $20

Bring Your Own Wine Whistler Restaurant List

Araxi, 4222 Village Square
Corkage Fee: $35

Alta Bistro, 104-4319 Main Street
Corkage Fee: $50 corkage fee

Bearfoot Bistro, 4121 Village Green
Corkage Fee: $65

Hy’s Whistler, 4308 Main Street
Corkage Fee: $30

Bring Your Own Wine Kelowna Restaurant List

Ricardo’s Mediterranean Grill, 415 Commonwealth Road
Corkage Fee: Unknown

Bring Your Own Wine Victoria Restaurant List

Brasserie L’Ecole, 1715 Government Street
Corkage Fee: $30

Cabin 12, 3111 Cedar Hill Road
Corkage Fee: $8.50

Marina Restaurant, 1327 Beach Drive
Corkage Fee: $20

Zambri’s, 820 Yates Street
Corkage Fee: $18

Bring Your Own Wine Mission Restaurant List

Missions Springs Brewing Company, 7160 Oliver Street

Corkage Fee: $10, Corkage Fee if Wine is purchased at their Connected Liquor Store – $2.00

Mondays –Cork Free Monday s- BYOW on Mondays and we waive the Cork Fee


If you are a restaurant owner or know of a restaurant participating in the BYOW law please let us know by emailing Further, if there is anything that needs to be corrected, i.e. corkage fee or participation please email us as well.


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  • Stas

    The win at “West” is super expensive – hence the corkage fee. I think last time I was there the glasses were $17/glass.

  • Jon

    Are you kidding me! $20 to $50 for corkage! We’ve had BYO in New Zealand for decades now and it’s only $1-2 per person.

  • John s

    Corkage fee more expensive than the wine i drink!!! r u freaking kidding me???

  • Kevin

    i’m boycotting every restuarant that has a corkage fee more than $5/person

  • Sally

    What I’ve learned… Fray is going to get a spike in customers.  West will keep its regulars but has alienated a bunch of new customers ‘on principle’.  Interesting choice, West…

  • Nickey

    In Montreal you can bring your own wine and there is no charge.. I think you should bring your own corkscrew and open your own bottle.

  • Guest

    I’ve brought my own wine to Kingyo downtown Vancouver. Corkage fee I believe was $10 or $15.

  • Snowy-one

    can i bring a bottle of vodka?

  • Lindsay

    A corkage fee of $20 or more is perfectly acceptable. If you can’t imagine paying that, then continue to drink the inexpensive wine of the list and let those who drink pricier bottles and have cellars of bottles they want to bring out pay the fee. Remember, our restaurateurs don’t get much discount when they purchase alcohol (unlike many other countries and provinces), so corkage fee’s are necessary to balance what aren’t making off alcohol sales with the implementation of BYOB.

  • Adam Nowek

    You’re surprised? Are you even 19?

  • JP

    A few thoughts …. restaurants typically double the retail price for most bottles. They don’t buy much deeper than us, at retail. Most of my wines tend to be in the $25-$35 range. Most restaurants have a bottle that I would be happy with in the $60 range.  Corkage fees in the $20 range represent really good value if you routinely drink $40 + or even $30 + wines.

    Given my price range, this would mean that most restaurants would typically charge $60 or more for my bottles.  Anyone charging me a corkage fee of more than $20 simply means that they are pretty much getting their margins back off my bottle that I drove to pick up and pay for. That won’t work for me, why bother.  And, given my math, I will not spend the dough to bring a $50 for a bottle just because the corkage fee is low enough to make it cheaper than buying it at the restaurant.

    So, I will happily pay a corkage fee of $20 per bottle. By allowing us to bring our own wine, restaurants have taken a huge margin hit. And, they have not had to lay out the cash to buy and store the wine so that $20 is worth more to them than simply $20.

  • Bosch

    so in Kelowna heart of the Canadian |W|ine Industry there is one “participating” restaurant or snother way of looking at it only 1 restaurant willing to give the 3 or 4 times retail price they now charge

    not much change here

  • Hotdoglegz

    Actually restaurants got no discount. They pay the exact same price as anyone does in BC.

  • Vino Lover

    Corkage fee has been set at Verace Pizzeria – $10 everyday except wine Wednesdays when it is free

  • Rlh

     I agree with Kevin in boycotting any restaurant with an outrageous fee. I think a max. of $15 per bottle is more than enough. Also, I’d encourage everyone to email any restaurant on this list that is charging a ridiculous fee and tell then that you will not be returning to their establishment.

  • David Lancelot

    Restaurants recieve no discount at all when they buy wine from the LDB. They can claim the entire amount as an input tax credit though. I’m in favor of restaurants being more creative about corkage. IE buy a bottle off the list and the restaurant will waive corkage for the one you bring. Maybe free corkage on Mon-Wed nights or a lower corkage before 7.00pm .
    That’s going to put butts in seats… 

  • Oz

    Restaurateurs don’t get *any* discount. But $65 is taking the piss.

  • Julie

    These restaurants completely miss the point of BYOW with their ridiculous prices.  I agree with Kevin and won’t be going to any of the restaurants that charge such steep fees.  

  • Msn

    Yes, they dont get a discount, but they charge triple the price for a bottle of wine than a BCL. I think they more than make up for the loss in beer/liqour sales alone, without charging a $20+ corkage fee.

  • Paul

    really easy
    if corkage fee is too high for you, deduct it from the tip, thats all it really is, a service.


  • Leanne

    I have no problem with high corkages at restaurants with extensive cellars and experienced sommeliers. But for average restaurants that simply place a weekly wine order and often base staff  ‘recommendations’ on what they need to move, a good rule of thumb for corkage is the menu price range for a glass of wine.

  • J.R.

    Restaurants don’t realize the money they can make by a zero corkage fee. People will flock to restaurants but not when they feel they are being abused. Time will tell..but I know I am correct.

  • aren’tyouafancypantsmagee

     Personally it’s either byo, or don’t drink wine at a restaurant for me – so either way the restaurant isn’t making money on booze from me. If I were able to bring my own bottle and pay $5 for corkage however, they are making an extra $5 from me rather than nothing at all. I think that’s fair. I know i”m just one person – but anything over $15 is ridiculous and shows that our city is more focused on making money than creating a fun, vibrant social scene.

  • Richlux

    Vancouver is going to have to catch up with Montreal. No reason corkage fees not charged per person and max $5.00 each. Restaurants charging flat rate $50.00 – $30.00 will be very empty. It’s already a problem spending $25.00 an entree plus tax plus tips

    By the way, is corkage subject to HST etc.?

  • CC

    If you have been to Quebec, there is no corkage fee. That will slowly happen here I’m sure. I will be looking for the lowest fee available.

  • Western

    Absolutely bang on! The point is to allow people to bring a bottle and not pay $600/bottle (and would retail for $300) for something they got for $50 fifteen years ago. The point is NOT to allow every single person buying a bottle of wine to be able to come in and avoid what is an average profit margin per bottle for the restaurant. If you are going to take away those profits from an already very difficult industry, you wipe out a number of restaurants. 

    Two things will probably happen as a result of this and is reflected in the quality of the restaurants, is a higher corkage fee for those places that tend to sell higher priced bottles because they are the big losers in this, that is the obvious part. The second part is that you will probably see a slight increase in price of the lower priced bottles that they carry to ensure they maintain their profits. What is interesting is that it will probably hurt the sale of lower priced wines because they will fall into a no-man’s-land in which people that know the wines will be unwilling to pay 150% mark up as opposed to the 100% that you pay now. And for those who do not know wine, it will just eliminate that lower priced option that they were looking for. 

    Great for some….bad for others!

  • Lindsay

    I’m gonna guess that you mostly eat at McDonalds so I can’t see much impact in your boycott.

  • Jim

    Restaurants must love this new law. Huge corkage fee with NO cost to them . There are some ridiculous fees attached to most restaurants,they are obviously trying to discourage you bringing in your own. $5- $10 is plenty fair to all,

  • Dj_mabe

    if you you think about it you buy your wine 20$ + 25$ corkage fee you are pretty much at the price they charge for their wine! where is the deal in that!

  • David L

    On virtually every wine list the profit on lower priced wines is more than the cost of the wine.
    The higher corkage costs are designed to allow you to drink a better wine not undercut the restaurant wine list.

  • Pauline

    Seems only worth it if your wine is more pricey considering that most restaurants double the cost that you would pay at a liquor or private store. For instance, a corking fee of $20 would have you breaking even if your wine cost $20 because you would have paid $40 anyways there. To save money in this instance you would need a wine over $20. I think it is good though if you have a special wine that links you to a special memory and they don’t carry that one.

  • Chris

    Vancouver needs to catch up–it calls itself an international city but its thinking and it’s rules remain provincial. I recognize that restaurants run a very competitive business and that for many, the majority of their profits come from alcohol, but a corkage fee should not just be about “rejecting” the sommelier’s suggestions, it should be an invitation for many to enjoy more economical night out. By keeping corkage fees low, and many of those listed here as extortionate, restaurants are likely to make dining out a more frequent choice, and those restaurants offering lower corkage fees are likely to create a very appreciative and thankful clientele. I have live in Sydney and in London, and in both cities you are (in many well-heeled establishments) able to bring your own bottle and have it decanted for you for the princely sum of about $5 to $10. Get with it, restauranteurs of Vancouver.

  • Try something new

    It’s a nice option for people who drink $100+ bottles at retail price. 

    For the commoners like you and I who want to have a 20$-$40 bottle with a meal, corking fees make the new BYO rules irrelevant.

    Basically this rule makes rich people save a lot of money and does nothing for the average BC Joe and forces restaurants to reduce their already tiny profit margins.
    Just another example of conservatives looking out for their own. I call these rule modifications “Romney-style reform”

    I think that with time, there will be more zero-corking-fee spots like there are in Montreal.

  • Kegger

    The corking fee at The Keg is listed wrong. It is truly $25

  • François hamelin

    i’m boycotting every restuarant that has a corkage fee more than $5/person

    Yes me also is so stupid more than 5$
    But if you go don’t give tips!!!