Canucks Insider Tweets Luongo to the Leafs


The rumor mill is once again swirling in regards to Roberto Luongo. An infamous Canucks insider tweeter has let slip that Luongo’s deal to Toronto is 90% complete. Not only that, but it will be ready to go come July 1st for free agency or at the draft (June 22nd).

Before we hit the analysis, here is a quick rundown of @samjam99‘s credentials:

From Canucks army‘s Thomas Drance:

“He first gained notoriety when he was the first to accurately state that the Canucks were going to file tampering charges against Ron Wilson and the Leafs over their Sedin twins comments in the summer of 09. In the fall of 2011, he was thirty minutes ahead of TSN on the exact particulars of the David Booth for Marco Sturm and Mikael Samuelsson swap. In February of 2012 he beat TSN by a similar margin with again, the exact particulars of the buzzer-beating Hodgson for Kassian trade on trade deadline day.
Again, this isn’t some dude guessing about what the Canucks are going to do, this is a kid who had Sulzer and Hodgson heading to Buffalo in exchange for Gragnani and Kassian thirty minutes before any mainstream outlets were reporting it. He correctly had Sulzer in the trade damn it – so you know he wasn’t just guessing.”

Head to the net also feels that samjam99 is a reliable source (for the same reasons): 

Who’s @samjam99, you ask? Well, he’s my source and I know him personally. Who’s his source, you ask? Unfortunately he won’t say, but that’s his decision.

Here are a couple of reasons we might believe him:

– Ten minutes before Bob McKenzie announced the Cody Hodgson for Zack Kassian trade, @samjam99 tweeted it was going to happen.

– Twenty minutes before Darren Dreger announced that the Canucks had traded for David Booth, @samjam99 tweeted it

Samjam99 also writes for, where he published an article about the prospective deal.

Last but not least, here is the tweet: 


At this point, either you believe him or you don’t. But before you rule out the rumor as just that, it’s important to take a look at extenuating factors.

– Most importantly, it makes sense. With Yzerman claiming to be out of the picture, there aren’t too many teams left on the list of teams Luongo is willing to open his no-trade clause for. Luongo is also from Quebec, and Toronto is as close to home as he can get in Canada short of playing for the Habs (who have no need for a starting goalie).

– Another little tidbit is that the Leafs will be on HBO this coming season and get to play in the Winter Classic, which is a bit of a draw for any player. It may not have played into the desire to go to Toronto, but it couldn’t have hurt.

– Last but not least, the Canucks trading Luongo feels somewhat inevitable as holding onto two starting goalies and running around $9 million dollars in net is just impractical, despite Gillis saying he sees it as an option come next season (in my opinion, this was just him trying to play his cards close to the chest).

– Oh, and Brian Burke is already talking about Luongo… and most likely muttering his name in his sleep.

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  • LuFan

    TO will make it to playoffs for the first time after the lockout if this deal goes through. Great place for Luongo to play and still have that pressure. He will be loved there and be called the GOAT. Atleast Toronto fans stick behind their team. 10 years of not making the playoffs and still selling out. 

  • VanFan

    Vancouver has been selling out since November 2002 (almost 10 years) and we have never won a cup!
    You guys will be very lucky to have some a tremendous goalie…

  • Assbutt

    lol leafs

  • Someone

    Burke NEEDS Luongo to keep his job… I wouldn’t be surprised if this gets done. I just hope the Leafs don’t give up too much in return.

  • James Fretz

    as long as Reimer stays I am fine with it

  • dodgermusic

    Reimer is slow and has a shit glove hand. They can have him. Scrivens is a smarter, more athletic version of Reimer. 

  • Schenn

    Komisarek and a the Leafs 2013 2nd round pick for Luongo.

  • Hoofheartz

    This will only be good if Burke can somehow convince Gillis that Mike Komisarek is Norris trophy material and then trade him even up for Luongo.

  • leafmealone

    Also, Luongo has a long history of Allaire going back to his junior days.

  • Ronnie

    Dear god no

  • JustSayin’

    TO sticks behind their team, since when?  Tell that to the last coach who was fired due to the fans booing him and to Kessle, who fans regularly mistake as a pinata with all the bashing he gets.  

    Good luck Lu, you’re great and will be missed by lots of fans in Vancouver.  See lots of #1 jerseys on the streets, so still lots of fan support for him here.  The biggest mistake Lu made (and Canucks management) was the big contract.  If you’re going to be the top paid goalie in the NHL, you can’t mess up.  Don’t think the TO fans are going to “support” that either.

  • dreadpiraterobert

    If the Leafs get Luongo, they’ll not only win the playoffs, I’ll actually hope for them to win games.  We’ll miss him in here Vancouver, despite what the worst, whiniest, most-goalie-hating fans anywhere have been saying.  

  • Almassi62

    Let’s ee he is 33, overrated,fat contract and can’t handle pressure. He is a Leaf.  

  • Stan

    If by selling out you mean a bunch of suits using tickets to entertain clients, and by sticking by their team you mean having a city of 5.5 million people with nothing better to support then yes.

  • dert

    hahahahaha u r stupid aahaaha

  • Assmunch

    he won a gold medal in the olympics and played great in playoffs its not his fault the canucks r pussies and let th4e bruins walk all over them luongo is a winner in my book any goalie would of lost that final game the way the canucks played