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NSFW Warning!

Paulina Gretzky has already been reprimanded for her twitter photos by her father the Great One. However, it looks like you can’t contain the “Great Two” for too long. She has now ventured into the wonderful world of Instagram. You’re welcome.


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  • vancitybuzz

    Captain America!!!

  • rbot90

    what a fucking slut. i’d cum in her ass and make her father drink it if i had the chance.

    please stay safe

  • rbot90

    what a fucking slut i’d cum in her ass and make her dad drink it if i had the chance

    please stay safe

  • Katte

    Vancitybuzz or Perez Hilton?

  • Jeff MacLeod

    The comments disrespecting Wayne Gretzky because his daughter enjoys showing her body a little too much need to be taken off the board.

  • Shwakefield

    she represents herself as a young lady with no class

  • Chefkoo

    Some great ones of the great one!

  • Fifty Fly

    She needs to get a job. What a spoiled brat.

  • Bill

    She looks like she’s enjoying her life…good for her

  • rk

    Last 2 posters are obviously old…Your daughters are just as bad, bros.

  • Yx_secord

    who cares, you guys are lame… let her do what she wants..

  • Ccorbin1172

    leave her alone shes young and needs to learn no need to verbally assault someone.

  • Jandevong

    Poor Wayne. What a whore he has as daughter. There is no doubt that morals are devoured in our Western Civilation. Every  vulgar sluts wants to appear online instantly. No wonder rapes are on the rise. We live in a sick society but no ones is realizing it, as it goes so fast. This young woman is nothing more than a spoiled brat and a vulgar bitch. Why have children today really ? They worship you for the first 10 years (if you’re lucky), then they suck your hard earned money and only give you headaches and humiliations. I’d rather have a dog. He will wag his tail everytime he sees me for his entire life and will only be satisfied with a ball and a bone.

  • Clugg30

    She hangs around with captain America.