Vancouver Fashion Week Day 1 Recap

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Happy Thursday readers! Last night was the official kick off of shows for Vancouver Fashion Week. The Chinese Cultural Center was hot and buzzin’ the moment I arrived, there were plenty of media bulbs flashing and numerous interviews taking place.

Some hard hitting journalism going on. “Whats your take on the rivalry between turquoise and cyan?”

The host was gracious enough to seat me when I entered which gave me a perfect view of the gentleman rockin the latest trend, colored denim! @Tanya of Dolce and Banana was also on the red tip, decked out in her fabulous studded pumps. The evening started a little late so we had time to sit and mingle, exchange fashion approval nods, and tweet last minute updates. After what seemed like forever, the lights went down, the music went up and the shows began :)

5 designers got to show their collections, here are my top 3 picks:

Papillon was definitely my favorite. Tribal x print x short dress lengths = a good time. The pieces were flowy yet structured to accentuate a woman’s body, and it all had kind of an undertone of flirtiness. Tres cute!

Little Houses was another one I really enjoyed watching. Some of the pieces had a real masucline vibe to it. That army-esque jacket above is a great example, it’s not structured to fit a woman’s body but the high collar and buttons are perfect in adding a feminie touch. And don’t get me started on that leather sleeved jacket, i love! Made me think of Zara because of the contrast in fabrics.

And last but not least, the only mens wear collection of the evening was BD Homme, a designer from our neighbor down in Seattle. The jackets looked very well made and the clean lines made all the difference. Very beautiful, the men and the jackets :)

Overall the highlight of my night was making friends with these lovely ladies!

Kima / Tanya / Yours truly / and Ashley

I’ll be out tonight for day 2 of Vancouver Fashion Week’s shows so feel free to join me via twitter here . And as always, for a more potent recap of what went down last night and what I wore, head on over to

See ya soon, gorgeous! xoxo

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