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Detroit Redwings Hot NHL Players

Unlike in soccer or basketball, It’s often difficult to tell what a hockey player looks like because they hide their dashing good looks behind helmets and visors. So with the help of my female counterpart, we combed through over 400 players and chose the best of the best for your viewing pleasure. Here are your NHL fantasizing 15 (with her added input of course):

Henrik Lundqvist (Goaltender, New York Rangers)

“He is just way better looking than Luongo”

Todd Bertuzzi (Forward, Detroit Red Wings)

“He isn’t afraid to punch a dude in the back of the head”

Mike Fisher (Forward, Nashville Predators)

“There’s a reason he is banging Carrie Underwood”

Henrik Zetterberg (Forward, Detroit Red Wings)

“He looks like a douchebag, but the kind you pick up at the bar and go home with even though you know he is bad news. Also he looks like Scott Disick”

Teemu Selanne (Forward, Anaheim Ducks)

“Yes. Teemu stays. He looks like he knows how to pleasure a woman”

David Booth (Forward, Vancouver Canucks)

“He’s cutesie”

 Jerome Iginla (Forward, Calgary Flames)

“I don’t know why, but he just is”

 Patrick Sharp (Forward, Chicago Blackhawks)

“He looks like Tom Cruise, he is old man sexy”

 Taylor Pyatt (Forward, Phoenix Coyotes)

“He has nice eyes and looks like a highschool douchebag”

 Wayne Simmonds (Forward, Philadelphia Flyers)

“Girls like black dudes”

 Zach Bogosian (Defense, Winnipeg Jets)

“I don’t even think he is that cute but we can’t cut him because then we are at 14”

Dan Girardi (Defense, New York Rangers)

“He looks like the lead singer from the All American Rejects”

Derek Roy (Forward, Buffalo Sabres)

“He is foxy”

Brad Richards (Forward, New York Rangers)

“He kind of looks like the guy from Glee”

 T.J. Galiardi (Colorado Avalanche)

“He is hipster handsome, he should be wearing skinny jeans”

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Editor’s Note: For all you ladies wondering where’s Kesler, here he is in all his glory.

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  • Rma20

    Pyatt’s the hottest! Where is Crosby??

  • Tammyt

    Where is Maxim Lapierre

  • Calamityjoe

    You forgot Gabriel Landeskog

  • Heykimmi

    What? No Mason Raymond???

  • Jacquelinentang

    sidney crosby, kevin bieksa, ryan kesler and maxim lapierre are missing! :O

  • Queenie

    EW worst list ever. Where the f is BIEKSA AND LAPPIERRE? Steve yzerman, Sean Avery.. I could go on. Half of these guys don’t belong

  • Sabby

    I like that Lundqvist on on the list as well as Selanne, couldn’t care for the rest of them. And where is Lapierre???? HE should be #1!!!!!

  • Amy

    yeah where is jeff carter in this… 

  • SorSor

    Carey Price should be there too…this is not even a “good” list…only 3 or 4 belong

  • Canuckgirl1977

    Where the hell is Maxim Lapierre?? Hands down HOTTEST guy in NHL!!!

  • Give your head a shake

    Total crack monkey list. There is over 700 players and this is what this wizard came up with.  Guessing it’s a dudes list.

  • OMG

    Sheldon Souray – look him up – he’s hot

  • Guest

    Alexandre Burrows??

  • Anon

    Hey, where’s Paul Kariya?! He’s way hotter than Teemu!

  • Susieq92

    Agreed. Jeff carter is sexy.

  • Susieq92

    Mike Richards????

  • Suz

    fun and addictive site where you vote who the hottest hockey player is. Lot’s of Canucks in the Top 25!!!  Hottest NHL Hockey Hotties http://www.nhlhockeyhotties.com



  • Me

    where is marcus foligno?

  • CSharpe

    Um, where’s Gabriel Landeskog? Jonathan Toews? The entire Canucks team? Seriously.

  • Vivian

    How old are you….. Selanne.. Iginla..

  • shelley

    niklas hjalmarsson!!