Urban Outfitters Flagship Store to Takeover Old HMV on Robson & Burrard?

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Ever since it was announced that HMV on Robson Street was closing its doors for good, rumours started circulated as to what retail chain will take over what is arguably the city’s highest profile retail location. Speculation has been running rampant from luxury auto dealers to high end furniture stores. Well, all those rumours can be put to rest as soon an announcement will be made soon and it looks as though that an Urban Outfitters flagship store is the front runner to take that spot, although it is not 100% at press time.

Since there is already another Urban Outfitters just a few blocks away, many of you are probably thinking that this move doesn’t make much sense. However, if you frequent that location, you know how crowded and frantic it can be even on a Sunday afternoon and if there is a sale, you’ll be in line forever. It’s a small location that sells only a fraction of their line. If you have walked by that location, you’ll notice a sign looking for workers for a new Vancouver location. Other than Pacific Centre, maybe Oakridge, there are no other logical spots in the city.

According to Hollywood North at SSP, the Robson street store will feature the full “apartment” line and the Granville Street store will remain a boutique store for the time being. Although, I can’t see two Urban Outfitters thriving that close to each other.

If it isn’t an Urban Outfitters flagship that will be taking over the old HMV Robson & Burrard Spot, it has been rumoured that Simons (Quebec retailer) may be in the running. Despite what another blogger might be saying it won’t be Neiman Marcus. It won’t be Apple as they are opening up a flagship location right next to Forever 21 on Robson. Nordstrom is out of the question as Nordstrom wants to enter the market with their big scale department store, most likely taking up residence at the Sears department store.

Expect an official announcement soon. Remember this is still a rumour as nothing has been 100% confirmed.

The Robson Street renaissance continues. Next up who will take the old Esprit location?

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  • Ruby

    I asked one of the employees at the current location where the new Vancouver store will be. They said Robson Street but did not say where. This makes sense though, i though the same.

  • Greg

    Dude I heard Apple Store but then again what do I know

  • Jim

    Thought I read they are opening a store on west 4th.

  • taylor

    this is not true the new store is in kits

  • Missy

    I heard Anthropologie is going in on 4th 

  • Gemma

    I heard Simons is moving in!?? Ahhh somebody get to the bottom of this please! Buzz do some more research for the sake of us all 

  • george

    urban outfitters is listed as coming soon on the west 4th business whatever association’s web site – its taking over the le chateau space

  • george

    its entirely possible that the granville street location will move into an expanded flagship on robson with a second store opening on west 4th they could want a bigger downtown store, overheard that someone at the granville store said they are opening on robson but not much more detail than that

  • Nicky

    The new Urban Outfitters is moving to the old Le Chateau and David’s Tea location on West 4th at Arbutus. I was talking to an employee at Urban Outfitters today. 

  • TiffanyC

    I feel silly reiterating what so many comments before me have already stated as the article may be a little flawed in saying “… looking for workers for a new Vancouver location. Other than…. there are no logical spots in the city.”